5 Things To Consider BEFORE Buying a Dollhouse


Shirley Temple and Her Dollhouse

If you’re thinking of buying your toddler or little girl a dollhouse, you are absolutely in the right place.

We are a collective group of “mom minds” who have “been there – done that” when it comes to dollhouses and playsets.

We aim for this site to be a one-step source for everything dollhouses for girls, little girls, and toddlers.

No, we won’t be talking about collector/miniature dollhouses – that’s more of a hobby topic and not usually the type of doll house that is bought for young children.

Did You Know… Miniature homes, furnished with domestic articles and resident inhabitants, both people and animals, have been made for thousands of years. The earliest known examples were found in the Egyptian tombs of the Old Kingdom, created nearly five thousand years ago.[source] A fascinating recount of dollhouse history is here, if you’re interested.

Below are our best 5 tips for those in the market for a toddler or little girl dollhouse. If you already know what you’re looking for, you can use the quick links below.

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Dollhouses for Girls/Toddler Girls – Advice To Moms From Moms

There are quite a few things to think about before jumping in and buying her a new dollhouse – many of these things could end up saving you a lot of aggravation down the line.

♥  #1 – What Age Child Is The Dollhouse For?

If your little girl is toddler age (2 years old to about 4 years old), really think hard about buying her a big fancy dollhouse (like a Barbie Dreamhouse or a BIG KidKraft dollhouse) – that is too much for a toddler – and it will be too much for YOU!

Consider getting an age-appropriate and size-appropriate dollhouse that is specifically designed for a toddler (here’s our list of the best ideas for a first dollhouse for a toddler-aged girl).

The older the child, the more fancy and involved the dollhouse can – and should – be.

♥  #2 – SIZE (yes, size DOES matter)


Some of these dollhouses available are HUGE… like, GIGANTIC! If you don’t have the room to have a big dollhouse set up in your home 24/7/365, don’t get one. It will drive you crazy.

Yes, the “Wow Factor” on Christmas morning when she sees that big dollhouse that is as big, or bigger, than she is is absolutely priceless.  Just don’t forget the next 364 days.


♥  #3 – Who Is Putting The Dollhouse Together?

Assembly of some of these dollhouses can be an absolute nightmare – others are super easy. Who will be putting it together is a really important thing to think about – especially if the dollhouse is a Christmas gift that magically has to be put together between the time she sleeps and wakes up Christmas morning. Trust us on this….

♥  #4 Price….

You can spend $30 or so on a great dollhouse that is perfect for a toddler just as easily as you could spend $300.

Your toddler will love the $30 one just as much (and maybe more) than the $300 one, so keep budget in mind.  There are plenty of wonderful inexpensive and affordable dollhouses out there that have rave reviews from other parents and grandparents.

Get what you can afford – and leave something to ‘upgrade’ to as she gets older.

We found a wonderful resource to help find the best current deals on dollhouses.  Just click the button banner below and follow the directions.  It’s really helpful!

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♥  #5 – What Size Dolls Will Go In The Dollhouse?

Be sure you know what type of dolls she wants to play with in her new dollhouse.  There are many dollhouses out on the market that are sized for Barbies, American Girl dolls, Bratz dolls, Monster High dolls, etc.

Just make sure you are buying a dollhouse that will actually work with the dolls she has in mind to live in her new dollhouse.

♥  Dollhouse Buying Guides and Reviews

Below are some buying guides and great resources for dollhouse shoppers.