Disney Frozen Dolls Price Tracking

life-size-elsa-dollI asked the 5-year-old what she wanted for Christmas this year – her immediate answer?  FROZEN DOLLS!!  ELSA!!!

One would think that after just having an Elsa/Frozen themed birthday party AND getting all THOSE Frozen toys, that she might want something else.

But nope, she wants FROZEN DOLLS!

And she doesn’t want just any Elsa doll – she wants the BIG life-size (ok, her size) Elsa doll that is in the picture to the right.  You can find that BIG Elsa doll here.

So I’m making this page so I can keep up with all the prices and sales on Frozen Dolls (!!)

You’re welcome to use this page too – I have a sneaky feeling it will be a Frozen Shopping Frenzy this holiday.

If the price is in red, that indicates a sale price. 

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