Elsa Beats Barbie – Popular Christmas Toys Trends This Holiday

Barbie held her reign as the #1 type of toy for the past TEN YEARS.  But this year, it’s a totally different most-wanted toy for little girls everywhere.

Elsa, from FROZEN, is the #1 most wanted toy this year.

Sorry Barbie, you’re out!

Here’s a local news station clip about Barbie being dethroned by Elsa:

I posted yesterday about all the Elsa dolls I’m tracking for deals and sales because Santa MUST bring Elsa stuff this year.

So, bottom line – if you’re wondering what to get that toddler or little girl for Christmas, you can NOT go wrong with ANYTHING “Elsa” or from the Disney FROZEN movie.

Best Elsa Christmas Gift Ideas for Little Girls (and Big Girls too!)

Here’s all kinds of Elsa clothes and costumes and backpacks and pajamas for ideas… And some awesome Elsa Toys and Frozen toys that she is sure to love:

Last updated on June 17, 2021 11:54 am

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