Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes – 15 Quick & Creative Recipe Ideas To Repurpose Leftover Thanksgiving Food

After Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes –

Wondering how to use Thanksgiving leftovers because you’re tired of boring leftover turkey sandwiches? So were we! Take a look at these quick and easy ideas for all that leftover turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, leftover turkey and dressing, cranberry sauce, vegetables and gravy ideas for your leftovers from your Thanksgiving meal. There’s everything from leftover turkey casserole – and more easy leftover turkey recipes – to leftover mashed potato soup (yum!)

Thanksgiving leftover recipes: leftover turkey recipes - what to do with leftover turkey and thanksgiving leftovers - thanksgiving leftover casserole and more of the best leftover turkey recipes for leftover food from Thanksgiving, Christmas or any Holiday meal.  Such easy leftover turkey recipes and more Thanksgiving leftover ideas

Easy Leftover Thanksgiving Food Ideas

15 Thanksgiving Leftover recipes ideas: What to DO with leftover turkey & Thanksgiving leftovers?  Try these easy left over meals and busy day soups - Thanksgiving leftover casserole & more simple leftover turkey recipes for food leftover from Thanksgiving, Christmas or any Holiday meal. Such easy leftover turkey recipes, leftover mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, ham & more for breakfast, quick weeknight dinners & cheap meals w/ these creative Thanksgiving leftovers recipes ideas - make ahead easy leftovers recipes for a crowd you can make last minute or freeze even if on a budget.

Got Thanksgiving Leftovers? Try these recipes for leftover Thanksgiving food.  Very cleaver and easy ways to use Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner leftovers. Let's repurpose those Thanksgiving leftovers!  Sometime you make this from Thanksgiving leftovers...

Below are 15 of my favorite easy leftover Thanksgiving food ideas. Personally, I think they are the BEST Thanksgiving leftover recipes!

All of these recipes below use the leftovers from your Thanksgiving or Christmas meal (or any Holiday meal you cook for a crowd and find yourself left with a TON of leftovers). If you want to repurpose Thanksgiving leftovers (or Christmas dinner / Holiday party leftovers) these are some of the best leftover meals to try.

Easy left over meals! leftover turkey and dressing recipes, easy leftover meals and leftover recipes - best leftover turkey recipes with Thanksgiving turkey meat - easy dinner ideas with leftovers and leftover food from Thanksgiving meal

1. Thanksgiving Leftovers Breakfast Casserole

My daughter said “Sometimes you make this from Thanksgiving leftovers – what kind of breakfast casserole thing was it – it’s SOOOOO good!”

Well, here’s the recipe:

Leftover Stuffing Breakfast Casserole

Put that leftover sausage stuffing to a good use and make this delicious breakfast casserole. You only need 4 ingredients and it feeds a crowd! Remember I told I made this Instant Pot sausage stuffing recipe like 5 times in one month? No, no exaggeration here!

It is SO good – a favorite breakfast or brunch idea – especially when we have company and I need creative ways to reuse ALL that left over food.

The best part? I can make it AHEAD of time!

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2. Leftover Mashed Potatoes Casserole

Leftover Mashed Potato Recipe: Loaded Mashed Potato Bake

Looking for a leftover mashed potato recipe? This Loaded Mashed Potato Bake casserole is the most delicious way to use up leftover mashed potatoes. It’s loaded with bacon, cheese and sour cream!

3. Instant Pot Leftover Turkey Soup

Instant Pot Turkey Vegetable Soup with Leftovers Recipe

This Instant Pot Turkey Vegetable Soup with Leftovers Recipe Tutorial contains Amazon links. Please note, as an affiliate marketer for them, clicking and purchasing from these links results in me making a small commission from this action. First of all, it is that time of the year for soups and warm meal options.

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4. Leftover Turkey Cuban Sandwiches

Roast Turkey Cuban Sandwich

A tasty Thanksgiving style Cuban sandwich with roasted turkey, smoked ham, swiss cheese, pickles and cranberry sauce. Although Thanksgiving dinner is always amazing it is the leftovers that I like the most! In particular, may favourite way to enjoy some of those leftovers is a roasted turkey sandwich stuffed full with cranberry sauce.

5. One Dish Thanksgiving Leftover Casserole

Easy One Dish Turkey (or Chicken!) Casserole

For Thanksgiving this year, I cooked an 18 pound turkey. This was a pretty big deal for me because I’ve only cooked one other turkey before and I pretty much screwed that one up so I wanted this one to be perfect. I bought a roaster and roasted up my huge turkey to perfection this year.

6. Easy Leftover Turkey Soup

Easy Leftover Turkey Soup Recipe

This easy leftover turkey soup recipe is fast, simple, and healthy. Full of veggies and flavor! This easy turkey soup recipe hits the spot on a cold day. The potatoes melt in your mouth and make this soup extra comforting. A splash of cream makes the broth taste even better without going overboard on the extra calories.

7. Leftover Ham Casserole

Leftover Ham & Noodle Casserole

Creamy casserole lover’s alert ~ this Leftover Ham & Noodle Casserole is for you! Loaded with chopped ham, tender noodles, and veggies surrounded in a creamy cheesy sauce, it’s one comfort-food dinner dish, for sure. Not to mention, it’s a fabulous way to enjoy those ham leftovers.

8. Turkey Cheese & Ranch Quesadillas

Cheesy Turkey and Ranch Quesadillas

This is such a great recipe for Thanksgiving leftovers! Whip up a quick and snazzy lunch that gives this traditional meat a non-traditional spin. The turkey, cheese, and a drizzle of ranch tucked inside a fluffy tortilla make the perfect combination.

9. Leftover Mashed Potatoes Potato Cakes

This is one of my family’s favorite leftover mashed potatoes recipe – in fact, it might be their #1 favorite thing I make with Thanksgiving leftovers of all!

Mashed Potato Pancakes – Recipe for Holiday Leftovers

Do you have lots of leftover mashed potatoes? Try this easy recipe for Leftover Mashed Potato Pancakes with Cheese! Made with 4 simple ingredients and ready in just 15 minutes, they make the best quick meal or appetizer. Served with applesauce or your favorite toppings, they are great for breakfast or lunch.

10. Leftover Turkey and Stuffing Crescent Rolls

Leftover Turkey Stuffing Crescent Roll Appetizers

Leftover Turkey Crescent Rolls – Make an easy recipe for crescent roll appetizers, filled with leftover turkey, stuffing, and cheese!

11. Leftover Turkey Breast Enchiladas

Thanksgiving Leftover Enchiladas

Way better (and WAY more fun) than a leftover turkey sandwich, these Thanksgiving Leftover Enchiladas are definitely my favorite way to use up all those Thanksgiving leftovers. Easy, cheesy, and exploding with all those holiday flavors. To be honest I didn’t think I would get a post out today.

12. Leftover Mashed Potatoes and Turkey Crescent Ring

This Thanksgiving Ring Slays Your Usual Leftovers Sandwich Tradition

Want to transform your leftovers into something spectacular? This Thanksgiving Ring recipe from is the best.

13. Easy Leftover Turkey Casserole

Holiday Leftovers? Try this Creamy Turkey Casserole

I have to admit, I’m a recipe addict. I love checking them out, collecting them, trying them.Although, I tend to collect a whole lot more than I actual make them, it’s a fun little addiction. I’m sure we’re all looking for delicious recipes at this time of the year.

14. Leftover Mashed Potato Soup

Leftover Mashed Potato Soup

Whatever leftover mashed potatoes you have (at least 2 cups) milk chicken broth or vegetable stock (water if you don’t have these) stick butter or oleo celery salt shredded cheese to garnish In a large pot, mix potatoes with the following ratios.

15. Thanksgiving Leftovers Pie Casserole

How-To Make a Thanksgiving Leftovers Pie | The How-To Home

Wondering what to do with all those Thanksgiving Leftovers? The turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and gravy. This Thanksgiving Leftovers Pie, a big ole Turkey Pot Pie recipe if you will, is exactly the easy Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe you’ve been looking for.

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