Leprechaun Trap Ideas-Shoe Box Traps That Just Might Work
-simple homemade leprechaun traps made with a shoe box - perfect for kindergarten, 1st grade or PreK as a fun project at home or school...

Easy Leprechaun Trap Projects For Kids To Make – all made with a shoebox!

Need some easy leprechaun traps that might actually work? Preschool and Kindergarten kids LOVE to make trap boxes to catch leprechauns every St Patrick’s Day hoping they’ll work to catch a magical leprechaun.

Below are 27 easy ways to make a leprechaun trap out of a shoe box.

leprechaun trap ideas - show box leprechaun traps for first graders school prrojects, kindergarten, preschool PreK printables and 50 best leprechaun trap ideas - easy, DIY shoebox homemade clever cool and creative leprechaun trap boxes for St patrick's Day - leprechaun traps that worked

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Leprechaun Shoebox Traps

These awesome leprechaun trap project ideas below are all made with a shoebox or just a shoe box lid.

Kids love making homemade leprechaun traps – such a fun and creative St Patrick’s Day craft for kids of all ages.

Making a leprechaun trap sparks their imagination and lets their imagination go wild when they are trying to create a leprechaun trap that works.

Be sure to read How To Catch a Leprechaun to round out this craft theme.

What if they DO catch a leprechaun? Be sure to ASK the child what they’d do – you’ll love the answers!

So let’s grab an old shoe box, some cheap Dollar Tree craft supplies, gold coins for a pot of gold, stickers, candy, popsicle sticks and markers to catch some leprechauns!

Be sure your leprechaun trap has a trap door like in the picture below:

leprechaun trap ideas-shoebox leprechaun trap boxes for kindergarten - how to catch a leprechaun with a trap door that works

Or, prop the shoebox lid up so the box closes to trap the leprechaun.

Leprechaun Trap Project Ideas

kindergarten leprechaun trap ideas - homemade leprechaun trap projects that worked - pictures and ideas of a simple leprechaun trap to make at home or the classroom

Below are 27 fun and easy homemade kindergarten leprechaun trap ideas – we think these are the BEST leprechaun traps for young kids to make at home or as a St Patricks Day school project.

Leprechaun traps - shoe box lerechaun trap ideas made with shoeboxes and shoe box lids

1. Simple Leprechaun Trap For Kindergarten

leprechaun trap ideas-simple shoebox leprechaun trap made in kindergarten - the kids said it worked!

2. Easy Leprechaun Trap Box

Shoebox leprechaun trap with pot of gold to catch leprechauns

3. AWESOME Leprechaun Trap Idea

leprechaun trap ideas - awesome leprechaun trap made with a shoebox

4. Rainbow Leprechaun Trap

leprechaun trap ideas - shoebox leprechaun trap box with LEGO stairs, Skittles rainbow and pot of gold trap door kindergarten class project for St Patricks Day

5. 1st Grade Leprechaun Trap

leprechaun trap ideas - kindergarten simple shoebox leprechaun traps - easy St patricks Day Crafts For Kids

6. PreK Leprechaun Trap Box

leprechaun trap ideas - preschool leprechaun shoebox traps the prek class made

7. ShoeBox Lid Leprechaun Trap

leprechaun trap ideas - shoebox lid leprechaun trap box - simple St Particks Day crafts for kids - kindergarten, preschool prek, 1st grade and kids of all ages

How To Make a Leprechaun Trap Box

Here’s a quick video showing how to make a leprechaun trap box step by step.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How To Make a Simple Leprechaun Trap-VIDEO BELOW
  • Supplies You’ll Need
  • How To Make The Trap Door
  • How To Wrap The Leprechaun Trap
  • How To Attract Leprechauns
  • How To Decorate a Leprechaun Trap
  • How To Make a Trap Box Ladder

What if the Leprechaun Trap Does NOT Work?

It’s really hard to catch a leprechaun so if you know HOW to catch a leprechaun and make a trap box that WORKS – awesome!

But what if it does NOT work?

You can leave a note like this from the elusive leprechaun and leave some St Patrick’s Day themed treats.

leprechaun trap ideas - if your leprechaun trap box did NOT work, here's a note to leave

The note from the leprechaun says:


Miss me, Miss me – now you can’t kiss me

I’m sneaky and fast
Your trap didn’t last

I left you some sweets
and a few gold treats

I’m free & in the clear –
Better luck next year!

– Lucky Leprechaun

 How to Catch a LeprechaunGet More Info How to Build a Leprechaun TrapGet More Info


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