Beautiful Arched Mirror Decor Ideas To Decorate Every Empty Wall In Your Home

Do you know what single room decor item can make a small room look bigger, a dark room look brighter AND add sophisticated style to every area of your home? Yep, it’s the stunning and popular arched mirror!

From over the fireplace to the foyer, bathroom, living room and bedroom, arched mirrors are a popular decorating trend that shows no sign of going out of style! I can’t wait to show you all the unique and beautiful ways to decorate with an arched mirror I’ve found!

arched mirror decor ideas featured

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A lot of my rooms feel “square” with sharp angular corners – even my photo ledge displays on my walls have square and rectangle frames.

I found I needed some sort of statement wall decor item to soften those corners AND add light and dimension to some of my rooms.

Turns out, an arched mirror will totally achieve the look and feel I’m working towards.

Below are all the ideas I’ve been collecting for inspiration – maybe they’ll give you some gorgeous decorating ideas for the walls in YOUR home, too!

arched mirror over fireplace neutral decor vaulted high ceiling

source: NinaWilliamsBlog

arched mirror wall decor ideas - The perfect blend of tradition and transition, a big beautiful mirror adds a touch of sophistication to any space

source: Union Lighting & Decor on Instagram

arched mirror foyer wall decor over foyer console table

source: Alocho Interiors on Instagram

arched mirror over chest of drawers with styling in bedroom

source: Haven Interiors on Instagram

narrow foyer decor arched mirror wall decor over narrow console table

source: Finerly Decor on Instagram

arched mirrors on wall in bathroom with bowl sinks

source: Future Glass on Instagram

double large arched mirror wall decor on bedroom accent wall

source: SYDNEY MIRRORS on Instagram