Cupcakes In a Jar?!?! Oh YES!!! Mason Jar Cupcake Ideas For Her Baby Shower

Unique, Fun and Super Sweet Baby Shower Cupcakes Ideas and Recipes

I’ve been looking for unique dessert ideas for my neighbor’s baby shower. It’s going to be a smaller event so I don’t feel SUPER stressed about having to make a ton of food for a LOT of people. I came across these mason jar cupcakes which I think will be ADORABLE and such a nice personal touch for her shower.

Just LOOK how cute these are!

Baby shower dessert ideas - cupcakes in a jar (also called mason jar cupcakes or cake in a jar)

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My first thought when I saw these cupcakes in a jar dessert ideas was:

Must. Make. THESE!

Some of these types of cupcakes are actually baked in the mason jar – others are baked first and then put together in the jar.

Isn’t that AWESOME-SAUCE! What freakin’ fantastic baby shower food ideas.

Best of all, the baby guests can take them home and that would be a really special gift for our baby shower guests, don’t you think?


But please, you had me at : CAKE. IN. JAR!

You really don’t have to twist my arm when it comes to ANYTHING that involves CAKE!

Here’s another cute ideas for the jar cakes:

cake in a jar - mason jars cupcakes
What’s really handy-dandy for a lazy and forgetful person like me, is that some of the mason jar cupcake recipes I found here can be kept in the freezer.

Know what that means for ME? That I can go make a bunch of these, put them in the freezer, and then when I realize I forgot to get someone something for Christmas or as a Thank You gift (again)…

I can pull one of these yummy pieces of art out of the freezer and TA-DA!

I’m the best person EVER!

Such a thoughtful, homemade gift! Ain’t I great?!?!

Here are links to the cupcake in a jar recipes and instructions I’ve found:

More Mason Jar Cupcakes Recipes

==>> Get all the recipes in the video here

Here’s the recipe to print for the baby shower mason jar cupcakes in the first picture:

Springtime Cupcake in a Jar

We love making cupcakes in a jar. They always end up being a fun make-ahead dessert for any occasion. This Springtime Cupcake in a Jar is no exception. They are a unique take on a cupcake that is a real crowd-pleaser at a party.

They’d also be SUPER cute for Easter or a birthday party, too!

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cake in a jar - mason jars cupcakes

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