Cottage Kitchen Ideas–White Farmhouse Country Kitchen PICTURES
-beautiful country kitchen designs and farmhouse style cottage kitchens for a stunning white country kitchen on a budget...

White Cottage Farmhouse Country Kitchen Photo Gallery

a quick look at the most beautiful white cottage kitchen designs and decor

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Whether you’re looking for white country decor idea for small kitchens or a big kitchen, you are sure to find some beautiful farmhouse decorating ideas on the next few pages. We’ve collected the most stunning white cottage kitchen ideas that are sure to make your friends and neighbors green with envy.

A cottage style kitchen design has a cozy, comfortable feel that is created by painted or decorated furniture, baskets, beadboard walls and natural fiber rugs, and weathered surface finishes, as well as colors one would expect to find in a garden.

It’s light and airy yet has that old time charm.

Traditional cottage-style kitchens (like your grandmother’s) probably had many things on the walls and on the counters, etc. In a modern white cottage kitchen, try to keep the stuff to a minimum to avoid clutter from becoming a distraction from the beauty of your newly redecorated kitchen space.

The cottage style of kitchen design conjures up images of a light and airy room, sunlight pouring in and oh so charming and casual. My immediate thought is of one of those breezy, uncomplicated – almost primitive – kitchens we had when we rented a small lake house each summer. That style was always relaxed, unassuming, and casual.

Remember: SIMPLE is the key feature of a cottage style kitchen design.

Due to the fact that cottage style kitchens are small they usually have a floor plan that is fresh and open, that can function easily, as well as be a place to entertain.

To be able to create the cottage feel for you kitchen you need to look at accessories such as housewares, linens, and furnishings you will choose for your kitchen. Some examples are the use of white distressed, stained and butcher-block surfaces around the kitchen, striped vintage towels and dishcloths, an old antique kitchen clock, or displaying plates on open shelves above a window or doorway. Other accessories might include stoneware pots, glazed earthenware and glass jars. Also you could place a pitcher of fresh-cut flowers to create more cottage charm.

There are many aesthetic looks for a cottage kitchen so look at the next few pictures and pick a few that appeal to you.

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From farmhouse style interior design to white cabinets and country rustic kitchens, let’s get started and look at pictures of old cottage kitchens in modern style for YOUR small kitchen.