How Long Do KitchenAid Blenders Last?

Have you ever wondered how long should a blender last? The lifespan of a blender should be a “you get what you pay for” type of thing, but that’s not always the case. Let’s talk about that and WHICH blenders will last a long time.

Are you looking for a blender that will last more than a few weeks or months? Then you’ll want to think about buying a KitchenAid blender.

The blender is not loud, in my opinion. It is a blender, and I expect some noise. It’s quieter and doesn’t have that…read this review

My Blender Story

I bought a 5 speed KitchenAid blender ten years ago, for $100 on one of the shopping network channels. At the time I was worried about spending $100 on a blender – after all, you can get them at Kmart and Walmart and online for $30 all day long!

But in this case, you DO get what you pay for.

My KitchenAid has been going strong for ten years with no sign of stopping.

Things I particularly like are the fact that the pitcher is glass, it’s heavy and substantial and holds up to anything. The pitcher jar unscrews from the base for easy cleaning, and it’s simple to pop in the dishwasher. The base has a strong.9 horsepower motor, and blends anything. Every morning I make my family fruit smoothies for breakfast with frozen strawberries, peaches or cherries, and some milk or yogurt along with protein powder. This blender is able to handle anything I throw at it!

KitchenAid Blender ksb1575aq , Aqua Sky Color.

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KitchenAid Blender ksb1575aq , Aqua Sky Color.
as of April 5, 2024 7:49 pm


  • The Soft Start® Feature starts the motor at a slower speed to pull food into the blade then quickly increases to the selected speed setting.
  • Control Panel with White LED Lights The Clean-Touch Control Panel wipes clean easily.
  • The 60-oz. BPA-Free patented Diamond Pitcher design is shatter-, scratch- and stain-resistant and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.
  • Steel-Reinforced Coupler provides direct, efficient power transfer from the motor directly to the blade for robust blending. The coupler is coated for quiet operation.
  • The Die Cast Metal Base is sturdy.

Product Description

The KitchenAid Diamond 5 Speed Blender provides exceptional performance. A robust motor (0.9 HP), unique one-piece, BPA-Free patented diamond pitcher, patented stainless steel blade and electronic controls combine to create an exceptional blending system. Five speeds, along with Crush Ice and Pulse mode (all speeds) provides consistent, powerful blending for all tasks. The Automatic Start and Stop Crush Ice mode pulses at staggered intervals to uniformly crush a pitcher of ice in seconds. Intelli-Speed Motor Control automatically adjusts the blade speed to blend through all densities of food, at peak power, even when the thickness of the ingredient changes. Soft Start Feature helps prevent splattering. Durable Steel reinforced coupler with 12 interlocking teeth provides direct transfer of motor power to the blade. The one-piece, universal lock-in place 60 oz BPA Free Diamond pitcher with patented blade is shatter resistant and dishwasher safe (both racks). Pitcher features a...

The top is two pieces, the rubber-ish (I don’t actually know what it’s made of but it feels like pliable rubber) stopper with a center clear plastic cap that unscrews if you want to add something to the mixture inside.

There has been one issue that we deal with periodically – the blender coupling tends to wear out after so much use. The piece I’m talking about is the small black spinner with fingers that twirls the blender prongs, located on the top of the motor, but outside the pitcher. The good news is that these couplings are easy to buy and replace for about $5-$10.

I was a little unhappy with having to replace that coupling on my KitchenAid blender, but my husband explained that the rubber coupling is a good thing. He told me that if it was metal, it would constantly grind. He said metal-to-metal contact means constant wear. In this case, the rubber piece contributes to quieter blender operation and prevents the motor from burning up if it was prevented from turning by some hard substance (the rubber coupling would give first).

Okay, so in the past ten years I’ve replaced the coupling twice.

Not bad for daily use for the past decade!

KitchenAid makes three types of blenders:

three speed,

four speed and

five speed.

I’m pretty sure that I could get along with only three speeds, but my blender has five options including a “pulse” option that I like very much.

Yes, you may need to spend a bit more for your KitchenAid blender, but isn’t it better to buy something once, and know you can count on it for years?

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