Coffee Station Ideas For Kitchen Counter Coffee Bar Set Ups
- kitchen coffee station ideas for your countertop or counter corner for a beautiful small coffee bar set up...


Kitchen Coffee Station Ideas I LOVE – Ready to set up a coffee bar in your kitchen or on your counter top?

These simple and beautiful farmhouse coffee bar ideas are sure to spark your creativity and imagination!

There are lots of DIY coffee station and coffee bar set up ideas and pictures on this page that are sure to get you all set up with your own kitchen coffee station very quickly.

Coffee Station Ideas For Kitchen Counter Coffee Bar Set Ups

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We found a full post with a TON of DIY coffee station ideas — feel free to check it out.

Otherwise, let’s look at some pictures of amazing coffee stations that others have set up in their kitchens on the counter and countertop corners.

For a very simple, yet organized and functional, coffee station set up, I think the ideas in the picture below are the hands down winner.

simple coffee bar set up on the counter using kitchen drawers underneath to organize and store K-cups, tea bags, hot cocoa packs etc - so organized and functional without taking up to much counter space in this small kitchen

How genius is the idea to use the drawers to store and organize ALL the K-cups and tea bags, etc and keep them OFF the counter space?

I’m partial to the rustic/farmhouse decor in my kitchen, but you may like one of the other coffee station decor styles.

Coffee Bar DIY - Best Coffee bar ideas and kitchen coffee station set ups

Items in the Coffee Station Picture Above:

Coffee Station Ideas For Kitchen Counter Coffee Bar Set Ups

More Coffee Station Ideas:

Small kitchen coffee bar - DIY coffee station on kitchen counter

Kitchen coffee bar idea - great small coffee bar set up on kitchen wall

Farmhouse coffee bar ideas
source: DIY Coffee Station Ideas

rustic farmhouse coffee bar set up - love the decorating of this kitchen coffee bar

No room on your kitchen counter?

Here’s a clever idea…

They converted a small closet off their breakfast area into a coffee bar nook…

Pretty brilliant!

closet converted into coffee bar nook in breakfast area off the small kitchen

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Below are some of the coffee canisters and canister sets you’ve seen in the pictures above.

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