Black Kitchen Cabinets – Moody Must Have Cabinet Color or Hard NO Decor Trend?

I’ve seen so many pictures of kitchen cabinets painted black, remodels where the cabinets are replaced with black cabinets and new houses installing black cabinetry in the kitchen. I’ve got to admit – I’m torn.

Black cabinets (and near black cabinets) are SO DARK and MOODY – I can’t decide if I love it or if it’s a passing home decor trend that will quickly go out of style.

Let’s look at some kitchens with black cabinets, before and after pictures and black cabinet color decor schemes and see if they’re a Must Have or a HARD NO.

Black kitchen cabinets moody must have cabinet paint color scheme or fading decor trend?

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I’ve seen a few before and after pictures of homes where the kitchens were painted, or changed out, to black cabinets.

Most go from an out-dated oak to dark solid black with white walls and countertops – which has always seems just a bit too harsh for my decor style.

Solid black cabinets – I dunno. I could go with black as a kitchen decor ACCENT color like this idea I saw on Instagram:

white kitchen cabinets painted with black accent color and black kitchen island cabinet

I’m more of a grey and white kitchen gal myself.

(which I’m sure we all know from my kitchen makeover before and after pictures!)

Before and After Example

That said, this kitchen makeover shared by James Judge on Instagram transformed an old VERY outdated kitchen from ugh to lovely with black cabinets…

BUT, the yellow tile countertops actually brighten it up a hair.

black kitchen cabinets before and after

That kitchen now has a retro eclectic look to it – kinda cool.

And this next kitchen from The Stiller Group on Instagram is a bit more my speed – yes, dark DARK black cabinets, but the light wood floor and backsplash mixed with the butcher block countertop brightens it up and helps to remove the dreary feel (I’m all about a bright and cheerful kitchen regardless of decor trends!)

large kitchen with dark black cabinets

These are the details they give about that kitchen:

Dark Cabinets, Light Counters, Timeless Beauty: This stunning kitchen features rich, dark cabinets that contrast beautifully with the light countertops, creating a striking balance of colors.

Chic Backsplash: The light and chic backsplash adds a contemporary touch while maintaining the home’s classic character.

Elegant Hood Vent: The kitchen’s stylish hood vent adds a touch of sophistication to the space that most kitchens are lacking.

My ONLY question is….

WHY does the kitchen island have BROWN wood cabinets? Did you notice that?

But apparently, according to Milback Custom Homes on Instagram, mixing black and wood oak cabinets IS a thing – who knew?

black kitchen cabinets ideas

Here’s what they say about that kitchen –

“This kitchen is full of great detail. A glazed ceramic wall tile characterized by its brilliant colors, smooth gloss finish.

American Walnut cabinets sets the stage for matte black accents, while the deep gray Iron Ore cabinets ground the space and connect to the rest of this modern home.”

So the two tone is Walnut wood cabinets and deep gray Iron Ore cabinets (Not true black, I guess – but sure LOOKS black to me haha!)

Let’s take a peek at some more kitchens with the cabinets painted black or all new black cabinets and see how we feel about them.

black kitchen cabinets ideas

From J&K Cabinetry on Instagram

black kitchen cabinets ideas

From Sleek Socket on Instagram

black kitchen cabinets ideas

From Lisa Marie Guzman on Instagram

black kitchen cabinets ideas

From J&K Cabinetry on Instagram

black kitchen cabinets ideas

Decor by Morr on Instagram

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