Tiny Condo Kitchen Makeover Ideas & Inspiration-PICTURES

Tiny kitchen makeover & remodeling ideas and inspiration for small condo kitchens. We LOVE these small kitchen layouts, the way they are organized and decorated, and all these designs and ideas of tiny kitchens. Just wait until you see all the kitchen pictures below.

Tiny kitchen makeover remodeling ideas and inspiration for small kitchens - see more here: https://outintherealworld.com/diy-home-kitchens-tiny-kitchen-decor-remodeling-ideas-love/

We have a lot more great decor and design ideas for teeny-tiny condo kitchens, so let’s get started!

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Condo kitchens are notoriously TINY which can leave you in the position to have too much stuff and not enough SPACE to put it all.

As you’re planning and budgeting for your tiny condo kitchen makeover, consider these storage ideas to maximize the space you DO have.

– Make Use Of ANY Wall Space

Almost every kitchen, no matter how big or tiny, has some unused wall space. Perhaps you have a tiny island with vacant wall space above it, or a gap in the kitchen-to-living-room divider wall in your condo?

This is an excellent opportunity to install an attractive and efficient shelving unit which you can then use to store more dishes and kitchenware or make a wall-mounted fruit basket.

You can also use this space to display your favorite things.

One of the most important aspects of displaying kitchen collections is to make sure the styles and colors complement each other. For example, if you have a wood teapot, it would look out of place amongst stainless steel utensils. It’s important to create a cohesive look so that your kitchenware appears professionally displayed; otherwise, the space can look overly cluttered.

And no one wants their tiny kitchen to be a cluttered mess, right?

Get sturdy and aesthetic shelving for your collections – I get mine at Lowe’s or Home Depot… even found some great kitchen storage items at Kohls too!

I’ve even repurposed some old furniture for my small kitchen (see the before and after pictures)

Bottom line – if you have unused wall space, USE IT.

– Consider an Island

If your condo kitchen is REALLY tiny, you may not have the space for an island – but if you can squeeze one in and still have a functional kitchen space, I highly recommend it!

– Use Your Backsplash Area

That backsplash in your tiny kitchen isn’t just for looks! Use to to hang utensils or a spice rack – any small things that tend to take up much needed drawer and cabinet space.

– Use Baskets

Look up at the top of your condo kitchen cabinets – is there space there?

If so, consider using baskets for more storage space (plus, they look really pretty too!)

– Cabinet Doors

Don’t forget the inside of your kitchen cabinet doors – that’s a commonly unused space that you can use to hang cooking utensils, measuring cups and spoons or even your aluminum foil and Saran wrap.

See more condo and apartment kitchen storage ideas.

With a little creativity, you can update your small condo kitchen to not only have a fresh new look but also have more storage space!