Too Much STUFF? How To Simplify Life and Get Rid Of Stuff in 7 Steps

Are you overwhelmed with too much STUFF? Do you have too much stuff but not enough space? Trust me, you are NOT alone! While there’s no magic overnight solution to the clutter, you can declutter and simplify your stuff with this simple 7 step system that works – because getting rid of stuff feels GOOD!

How to simplify life and get rid of stuff when you have too MUCH stuff

A home does not get to the point of having too much stuff overnight – and can’t be expected to become clutter free that way either. The more stuff we have in our homes – the more cluttered our homes look and our brains feel.

Wouldn’t it just be more simple – to just have less stuff?

Of course it would – but how do we get there?

It may seem like a daunting task, but by starting slow and working your way around your home – it will all be worth it. The more we can make our home our own instead of using them to store things we don’t need or that clutter up the room, the better!

If you want to minimize your belongings and get rid of excess STUFF, but don’t know where to start, do this:

Start with one room at a time!

No need to completely overwhelm yourself with the BIG project of the WHOLE HOUSE – start the easy way.

7 Steps To Simplify Life and Get Rid Of Stuff

One of the easiest ways to reduce the stuff in your home is by tackling just one room at a time. That doesn’t mean you can’t dejunk the stuff in other rooms later on when you’ve finished – it only means that the first step should be small enough so that it’s doable on its own while also ridding your home of some excess clutter in the process.

Here are seven steps on how you can start getting rid of “stuff” in your home, starting with one room at a time…

Too Much Stuff? Learn how to simplify your life, get rid of stuff and have a clutter-free dejunked home for GOOD

1. Pick one room or space to begin.

Maybe it’s your living room or kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office – or you could do it by area (like cleaning out a closet or decluttering your junk drawer).

If you’re new to getting rid of stuff in this manner, I strongly recommend starting SMALL to begin with – like, pick your bathroom counter to start with.

2. Get a trash bag, box, laundry basket and a timer.

Have everything you need on hand before you start – and be sure you’ve ready why you should NEVER use boxes when decluttering.

3. Set the timer for 15 minutes

Yes, only 15 minutes! No need to over-stress yourself with some long drawn out process. Start with 15 minutes and FINISH -that, alone, will motivate you to perhaps do a longer time later.


Put trash in the trash bag, things you want to get rid of in the box and things that belong in another room in the basket.

Don’t overthink this, just do it. If you have to, pretend it’s not YOUR stuff to hopefully take that mental attachment feeling away from your things.

It’s just STUFF.

5. Work Out To In

Begin in one corner of the room and work around the walls first – middle of the room last.

Don’t be working randomly around the area – make a path and stick to it.

6. Ding!

When the timer goes off – throw the trash out and then put the items in the basket in their correct rooms.

If your Clutter OUT box is full – get rid of it – if it is not full – save it for the next 15 minute cycle.

7. Repeat When Ready

Repeat this 15 minute system until all the stuff you want removed is out of the room leaving ONLY the things you really want in the space.

It’s amazing how less stuff can bring more happiness in life.

One day, I read this list of kitchen stuff to throw away – and did it.

The sheer act of throwing away unwanted STUFF was so freeing – it was like this suffocating weight was lifted off of me.

I felt so relieved to have that stuff GONE.

From then on, I had a renewed energy to declutter and simplify my home – and got to work 15 minutes at a time.

Now, I love walking into ANY room in my home AND I don’t feel embarrassed anymore when company comes over.

Remember, you house is your HOME – it is NOT a storage unit for STUFF!

Simplify your stuff – this will free up valuable space in your home and in your mind for other purposes – and can allow you to relax more as well.

If you commit to doing these small steps to simplify your belongings over and over – you will have your home decluttered without feeling like you have taken on a huge overwhelming project.

The burden of too much stuff is very real and is something I think we can all relate to.

The best way to reduce the burden of too much stuff is to simplify your belongings.

Getting rid of STUFF has a positive effect on your mind, your emotions, and the way you view the world – so don’t be afraid to start!

Remember: Keep it simple!

Don’t be afraid to take it one small step at a time.

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