Junky House? How To Purge Your House Of Junk When You Have NO Energy To Clean House

How To START Purging a Messy House When You’re Feeling OVERWHELMED By Too Much STUFF In Your Home

Cleaning a neglected, junky house can feel so overwhelming – especially if you’ve let things go for so, so long. Let’s talk about how to purge a messy house step by step – even if your motivation is low and your frustration is high… and you overall just feel like garbage.

How To Get House Cleaning Under Control When You're Feeling OVERWHELMED By Too Much STUFF In Your Home - Cleaning a neglected house of junk can feel so overwhelming especially if you've let things go for so, so long. Let's talk about house to clean a messy house step by step even if your motivation is low and your frustration is high.

No Energy To Clean? Try This

If you simply do NOT have the energy to purge your house of ALL the junk or to even clean anything at all, here’s something to try…

Have you heard of a decluttering method called the Purge Pile?

To me, it’s very similar to this box in box out decluttering challenge (which works SUPER well for me!)

What’s a bit different with the Purge Pile method is that this is something you can do very quickly to get rid of the junk in your house when you’re overwhelmed and aggravated or simply feel like garbage and can’t find the ENERGY to deal with all your clutter.

Best of all – It’s super easy to do AND it’s a really good source of motivation to KEEP purging your house of junk and get your house cleaning back under control.

The “secret” to the Purge Pile method really working is this:

IMMEDIATELY get RID of your Purge Pile.

It needs to get OUT of your house right away whether you put it out with your garbage or take it to a donation center.

WIthout doubt, this is the #1 tip to successful de-junk your home in the Decluttering Club.

How It Works

Here’s a quick video that shows how this Purge Pile method works…

and the bloopers at the end are hysterical!

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House Purge - How To Purge Your House Of Junk

3 Pile House Purge Method

If you really want to dig in and start purging house clutter, regardless of how much energy you have (or do NOT have) – this 3 pile junk purge method is what REALLY works.

In short, you create 3 piles of your stuff that needs to go.

A Purge Pile, a Keep Pile and a Sell Pile

Here’s what goes in each pile and how to do it:


A lot of people (including ME), do their first purge of junk in their home and are overwhelmed with this one thought:

“My goodness, I sure have a lot of junk lying around!”

Seriously, I was dumbfounded by how much STUFF I had – that didn’t even remember having! I realized I was holding onto things that I once thought was cute, things I believed I’d one day fix, clothes I might “need” or wear one day, projects for when I have “time”, etc etc… ALL those items went into my purge pile.

Remember, broken items, things YOU’LL never use or need, and outdated items just take up space and add to your overall frustration with your junked up cluttered home.

Broken items in your Purge Pile get trashed – and still useful, yet not perfect items, get donated or given to someone who CAN use them… and NEEDS them.

Giving and donating useful items you have to those that DON’T have is a great feeling and a genuine motivator to keep purging your junk.


The Keep Pile tends to be the largest pile on your first attempt to clear your house of clutter.

And that’s totally normal!

There was a reason why you got these items in the first place. You liked them. They hold a sentimental value for you. They are practical.

At one point you really wanted them so much that you spent your money and/ or time to get them – naturally you don’t want to get RID of them – at first.

The trick to this pile is to examine the frequency of use.

For example: If you have a party platter serving dish that you received as a wedding present 5 years ago but have not removed from its box, that probably does not need to be in the keep pile. However, if that serving dish gets used every weekend to serve your football party appetizers, keep it.

Now, if you’re a true collector of something, the rules of purging those items are a bit different.

Collecting items often has multiple reasons to consider. There is probably an emotional component, a monetary component, and a pride component at the very least. No one is saying to discard your collections, but be realistic about them.

If they are things you want to display in your home in a NEAT way, make sure you have an area to display them.

If they are things you wish to pass along to your children, be sure they are securely and safely stored.

If, however, they were a passing fad that you got swept up in, perhaps they are not as much a necessity to you now as you once felt they were.

Have a serious talk with yourself about WHY you’d keep them – but don’t spend TOO much time thinking (and stressing about it) – there is MUCH more junk and clutter to sort through.


A lot of people who begin purging their junk and clutter will discover LOTS of things that they never, ever use.

There are lots of reasons WHY we end up with so much stuff we never use, and the reason why doesn’t matter (there is no point in beating yourself up now, ok?)

If it’s truly useful, yet YOU never use it or HAVE a use for it – sell it.

Why not make money from your clutter?

House Purge Tips and Tricks

There are some tips and tricks I’ve learned that help ensure your success with this 3 Pile Junk Purge method.

  1. Start Small
  2. Do NOT… and I repeat… do NOT attempt to purge your entire house at one time.

    Start small with small piles and finish it (ie, get all your junk piles OUT of your house).

    It’s totally ok to start with ONE drawer or ONE cabinet – it doesn’t even have to be an entire room, ok?

  3. Motivation Trick
  4. After you have purged junk from your first area, go “visit” that area before you begin purging junk from another area.

    That “clean space” WILL motivate you to create another clean space.

    I can’t even begin to tell you how much this helps me – it’s amazing.

  5. Have Help – Or Do It Alone
  6. Get your family (willingly) involved – or get them OUT of the house.

    It is SO hard to purge your junk and declutter when you have family members watching and judging you along the way.

    Especially if it’s an item of THEIRS lol!

  7. Finish Small Tasks
  8. Finish your area BEFORE you start another area. And by “finish” I mean – get those piles OUT of your house.

    Creating clutter piles does NOT help you purse the junk OUT of your house.

  9. Just Start
  10. Above all, just START SOMEWHERE.

    I totally understand that you feel overwhelmed by your junk and clutter, might have zero energy or just plain feel like garbage (been there, done that).

    It might sound counter-intuitive, but by forcing yourself to take that first step, low energy or not, you will help yourself in so many ways.

You can do this!!

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