Linen and Towel Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms With NO Linen Closet
-storage ideas for bed sheets, table cloths, comforters, bedding, blankets, bath towels and more with NO linen closet in the house...


Linen Storage Ideas for Small Spaces and Tiny Bathrooms

Creative Alternatives and Solutions for NO Linen Closet Storage Space (pictures and tips).

Ah, the linen closet. Such a useful space to store all your towels, linens, sheets, comforters and STUFF.


What if you don’t HAVE a linen closet in your bathroom or ANYWHERE in your house?

WHERE do you store your linens and stuff?

Turns out, NOT having a linen closet is not the end of the world haha!

There are lots of creative ways to store comforters, towels and bed linens in small spaces WITHOUT a closet or when you do have a TINY linen closet yet have too much stuff-not enough space to store all your linens.

Let’s take a look at some no linen closet storage ideas for small spaces in your bathroom, hallway, etc.

Linen Storage Ideas for Small Spaces, Tiny Bathrooms and a House WITHOUT a linen closet. No linen closet solutions and alternatives for storing towels, bed sheets, bath towels, blankets, comforters and bedding

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No Linen Closet

Here are 17 creative no linen closet alternatives and hacks that work really well in your apartment or house without a linen closet or with a tiny linen closet but you need more storage space.

17 Linen Storage Ideas for Small Spaces Without a Closet:

  1. Use baskets for organizing and storing towels.
  2. Try the IKEA linen storage idea below
  3. Use a free-standing hamper in your bathroom
  4. Use the ‘dead space’ over a door like this:
  5. No Linen Closet Solutions - Linen storage ideas for small spaces when your new home doesn't have a linen closet

  6. Put floating shelves on a wall around your garden tub
  7. Store comforters in a storage bench at the foot of your bed like this:
  8.  Cushioned storage bench for comfortersSee This Rustic storage bench with padded seatSee This


  9. Roll towels and store under sink
  10. Repurpose a spare bedroom closet or coat closet
  11. Store towels with a leaning shelf like this:
  12. Linen storage idas for small spaces - how to store towels with no linen closet

  13. Install another row of shelves up high in your master bedroom closet
  14. Get a linen storage cabinet like one of these:
  15.  Small Linen Storage Cabinets for TowelsSee This Storage Cabinets For Comforters, Blankets and LinensSee This Open Shelf Linen Storage CabinetsSee This Bathroom Corner Linen & Towel Storage CabinetsSee This


  16. Store linens in unused drawers in your guest bedroom
  17. Put a cabinet in your laundry room
  18. Use linen storage containers, bags and cubes
  19.  Linen Storage Bags and CubesSee This Underbed Linen Storage OrganizersSee This


  20. Use the back of your doors
  21. Convert the dead space under the stairs into storage space
  22. Use the space over your toilet
  23.  Over The Toilet Storage ShelvesSee This Over The Toilet Storage CabinetsSee This


✅ Storage Solutions

Here are some storage ideas for small spaces that can help:

New House With No Linen Closet

where to put towels with no linen closet

Helen’s new house had NO linen closet (ugh!) – here is her linen closet alternative from IKEA.

Helen said,

Here is my solution for an open linen storage concept. I have no linen closet in my new home. I knew that with downsizing there would be challenges with regards to storage.

Ikea Linen Storage Ideas

Since Helen had no linen closet in her master bathroom, she realized she had to come up with a creative towel and linen storage solution that would work in the available small space in her bathroom.

Take a look as Helen shows you her no linen closet solution from Ikea:

If she wanted even more space to store towels, I think she could create some DIY bathroom shelves over the bathtub – she’d have lots more storage in that small space, don’t you agree?

After seeing Helen’s solution to her new house with no linen closet it makes me wonder: Are linen closets necessary?

I think Helen just showed us that NO, linen closets are not totally necessary (though they sure are convenient!)

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Linen Storage Ideas For Small Spaces - How to store comforters and linens without a closet, towel and linen storage ideas in a new house with no linen closet in master bathroom (are linen closets necessary anyway?) and lots more linen storage ideas (from Ikea too!)
Linen Storage Solutions for Small Spaces, Tiny House and Small Apartments without a Linen Closet