7 Easy Healthy Snacks Children and Picky Toddlers WILL Eat


Healthy Snacks For Picky Kids – Quick, easy and HEALTHY snacks for kindergarten kids and picky toddlers –

Those 5 and 6 year old kindergarten age kids sure are picky eaters when it comes to snacks, aren’t they?

One of my best life hacks for moms is to have a list of easy HEALTHY snacks children WILL eat on hand at all times.

And below is that list… and they’re also picky toddler meal ideas too. It’s hard to find healthy snacks picky toddlers will actually eat, right?

Healthy Snacks For Picky Eaters and Picky Kids - Healthy snacks for kindergartners

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While there ARE some healthy packaged snacks for kids, the truly healthy ones are hard to find – there’s always SOME hidden ingredient that wipes the healthy part right out of it.

If you prefer to MAKE fun healthy snacks for kids, here are some healthy snacks for kindergarten age kids you really should try.

My kids are VERY picky eaters – and they devour these snacks both after school AND when I make them FOR school (class parties, lunch, classroom events etc)

7 Healthy Snacks For Picky Toddlers To Kindergarten-Aged Kids

 1. Healthy 3-Ingredient CookiesSee This 2. Peanut Butter Banana Snack BallsSee This 3. Fruit PizzaSee This 4. Peanut Butter & Jelly RollsSee This 5. Frozen Blueberry BarsSee This 6. Strawberry, Banana & Yogurt SmoothieSee This 7. Turkey PinwheelsSee This


Getting kids to eat healthy snacks is no easy feat.

For dinner, I’ve had to resort to our kid-approved “dump dinners” – thankfully, we ALL love them.

I’ve tried to get the kids to eat my favorite low carb tomato snacks, but….that was a hard NO.

They wanted NOTHING to do with tomatoes lol!

All they REALLY want to eat are my homemade cinnamon toast crunch waffles – and I don’t blame them because they are SO good!

I even managed to make their classroom treat bags healthy – THAT was an accomplishment!

I’ll keep adding to this list of healthy snack ideas as I try them and get them kid-approved.

In the meantime, here are some simple snacks kids make themselves with many healthy options as well as healthy eating activities kids love to do.

What healthy snacks do YOUR kids like?

I’m open to suggestions.

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