Make Ahead Smoothie Packs – My Favorite Frozen Fruit Smoothie Recipes – Super Simple and Insanely Good!

These are some of my favorite make ahead smoothie recipes with frozen fruit. Every day I’m trying a new smoothie recipe for a week and these frozen smoothie prep bags are such an easy way to make no ice smoothies (since well, the FRUIT is the ice haha!) Do you meal prep pre-made smoothie bags and put them in your freezer to save time in the morning, too?

I love being able to make ahead my breakfast smoothie ingredients, put them in a baggie, and toss them in the freezer all in one batch so all I have to do is pop a baggie full in my blender and go.

Below are my personal favorite make ahead smoothie recipes.

Frozen Fruit Smoothie Recipes - Easy Frozen Strawberry Banana Smoothie With Yogurt - These insanely good make ahead smoothie bags are so easy - just pop your fruit into a baggy or Ziploc and put it in the freezer to use in your blender whenever you want to make a fast and EASY breakfast fruit smoothie - this smoothie has strawberry, banana and yogurt and is pretty good for weight loss and very energizing!

This is one of my favorite frozen fruit smoothie recipes. I simply freeze some yogurt in ice cube trays and then when I am prepping my smoothie freezer bags, I add a couple yogurt cubes, some strawberries and banana… it’s insanely good!

Easy Strawberry-Banana Smoothies

Don’t add another stop to your busy morning by going to the coffee shop or juice bar for your favorite smoothie. Once you learn how to make a smoothie with this easy recipe, you can have a better-for-you drink right at home.

Note: you can use any flavor of yogurt that you want. The recipe calls for strawberry yogurt but I prefer using strawberry banana yogurt for these smoothies.

How To Make The PERFECT Fruit Smoothie

If you’re new to fruit smoothies, here’s a simple and basic fruit smoothie recipe formula that you can change up to fit your tasetbuds:

Basic Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Fruit Smoothies are the perfect way to cool off in the summer! This recipe, or formula, is easy to adapt so you can create your own flavors! I don’t know about you, but Summertime at my house means spending as little time indoors as possible. I love feeling that Vitamin D.

how to prepare make ahead smoothie packs for the freezer - frozen make ahead smoothie packs

Here are 4 more easy frozen fruit smoothies recipes that are great make ahead smoothies for breakfast on the go.

If you’re wondering how many cups of fruit in a smoothie, these recipe cheatsheets below will help you out!

As a general rule, I don’t like to add more than 1 cup of a specific fruit to my smoothies. Now, I’ll mix and combine cups of different fruits in my frozen smoothie packs, but never more than a single cup of an individual fruit.

Easy make ahead frozen fruit smoothies recipes - wondering how many cups of fruit in a smoothie?  These 4 make ahead frozen fruit smoothies recipes answer that and go from Ziploc baggie in the freezer to your blender FAST - such an easy and healthy breakfast idea for breakfast on the go!

make ahead smoothie packs


Hey guys welcome back to my channel! 🙂 Today I will be taking you along with me while I make some smoothie packs with my mom! Hope you enjoy watching! 🙂 Don’t forget to check out my Instagram Account!

make ahead smoothie packs recipes for freezer - frozen smoothie packs - pre-made smoothie packs

My chocolate smoothie recipes are here

and you MUST try this chocolate peanut butter smoothie recipe – it’s SO good (and healthy too!)

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