Blueberry Desserts-6 Best Blueberry Desserts in the WORLD

Unique and Unusual Blueberry Dessert Ideas – When it comes to truly UNIQUE blueberry dessert recipes, these 6 recipes below are my vote for best blueberry desserts in the WORLD. Yes! in the world. Not only are these blueberry desserts you’ve probably never seen before, they’re also easy to make – and soooooo delicious!

Wondering what to make with ALL those blueberries you have?

If you’re like me, I end up with a TON of blueberries (and my goodness, I sure love me some blueberries!)

If you’re looking for some truly original and unique blueberry dessert ideas, these 6 recipes below will impress you – and get you cooking with ALL those blueberries you have.

Blueberry dessert ideas - best blueberry desserts in the world.  Unique and easy dessert ideas for all those fresh blueberries - or frozen blueberries

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Blueberry Dessert Ideas

I got a bit tired of the same ‘ol, same ‘ol blueberry dessert recipes so I dug DEEP online to find truly UNIQUE desserts with blueberries.

I’ve been adding blueberries to my frozen fruit smoothies for SO long – and now, I need something sweet and unusual made with this ton of blueberries I have.

Don’t get me wrong, the traditional blueberry desserts are all delicious.

I love blueberry dump cake

and traditional blueberry pie… and blueberry bread

and yep, we all love blueberry pancakes… and blueberry waffles… and blueberry muffins…

and I love this blueberry bundt cake too.

But where are the truly original blueberry dessert recipe ideas I’ve never seen or tried before?

I wanted something really unique to make with ALL these blueberries I have –

and wow! did I ever find some delicious, easy, visually gorgeous and UNIQUE blueberry dessert recipes and I have NEVER seen before.

And girl, you have GOT to try them!

No Bake Blueberry Pie

I’m all about No Bake anything – seriously, check out all my no bake cookie recipes!

This unique blueberry dessert is not only No Bake, but it’s also served frozen.

Wouldn’t it be an excellent dessert for a summer BBQ cookout?

Now, here’s the thing – the actual recipe calls for making the crust from scratch… but…

I cheat a little and just buy a pre-made graham cracker crust at the grocery store.

The hardest part of making the no bake blueberry pie?

Waiting for it to freeze enough to eat lol!

I never have the patience to dig into this cold blueberry dessert – it’s so good and my favorite summer blueberry recipe EVER.

Print the recipe here

Blueberry Tacos

Here’s a unique blueberry dessert that just stops me in my tracks – Blueberry Tacos!

These individual blueberry desserts have cinnamon sugar “taco” shells, a sweet cream cheese filling all topped with BLUEBERRIES!

Print the recipe here

Blueberry Angel Dessert

This is probably the best blueberry dessert in the world!

Yes, I said it – and I stand by it!

While it has a few more steps than I prefer when making a dessert, the best parts are that you can use pre-made Angel food cake from the grocery store AND you can use fresh OR frozen blueberries.

After you make it a few times, you’ll find your own unique ways to cut corners on the steps and/or to modify the recipe your own way.

I’ve made this for our work Valentine’s party and everyone LOVED it!

Print the recipe

Blueberry Cookies

Tell me that these blueberry cookies do not look amazing!

And yes, those are white chocolate chips you see mixed in – yum!

These cookies are soft, chewy AND you can use fresh OR frozen blueberries.

Oh, and guess what?

There’s only 7 ingredients in these blueberry cookies – yes! only SEVEN common ingredients that you probably have in your pantry right NOW.

(I love recipes with few ingredients, don’t you!)

You have got to try these blueberry cookies – they are so, SO good and such a unique sweet treat made with blueberries.

Print the recipe here

Blueberry Muffin Ice Cream

I did mention I love blueberry muffins, right?

And we ALL love ice cream…. right?

Imagine that blueberry muffin taste mixed in with vanilla ice cream.

Yes, it’s crazy-good – and so unique!

But just a heads up – this is a pretty involved recipe so if you’re not into cooking, this might be a big undertaking for you.

Me? I prefer sweet treats I can make in 5 minutes haha!

Print the recipe

Healthy Blueberry Ice Cream Bars

I guess I need to add a unique blueberry dessert recipe for those that want desserts with a lower calorie count than us “gimmee ALL the sugar” folks.

How about some low-cal blueberry ice cream bars.

They look really good, don’t they?

And, there’s only 5 ingredients in this frozen blueberry dessert treat too!

Just fresh blueberries, plain yogurt, lemon juice, some cream and some sugar – that’s it!

You can whip these together in about 15 minutes or so – then pop them in the freezer.

Super easy – it’s a great recipe for beginners too.

Print the recipe

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