Healthy Low Carb Tomato Snacks We LOVE

My husband is doing the whole Low Carb thing – not quite Keto and not as a diet as much as a change in his eating habits to lose some pounds and yes, to be healthier. Now, on the other hand, *I* am a carb-aholic and while I do enjoy eating healthier with him, losing weight is not something that is at the top of my list (I’m one of the weird people who has a tough time keeping weight on. Don’t hate, ok? It’s a a real thing for me.)

Based on that little back story, finding foods that we BOTH like, and both can eat, can be a real challenge.

When I came across these healthy low carb tomato snack ideas, I knew I hit the jackpot.

We both LOVE tomatoes and it’s a low carb snack (or meal) HE can eat too!

These low carb snacks below are all SO good and super easy to make.

Low Carb Tomato Tacos

Taco Tomatoes Are Our All-Time Favorite Low-Carb Hack

We’re all for a genius low-carb hack – and these tomatoes totally deliver. We had never thought to stuff them with taco meat, cheese, and sour cream, but we’ll do anything in the name of ditching a tortilla for a low-carb meal. You can change up the fillings for cheeseburger tomatoes, too.

Low Carb Parmesan Tomatoes

Baked Parmesan Tomatoes

Baked Parmesan Tomatoes – Healthy and so delicious! If you’re looking for an easy low carb side for a quick dinner try these baked parmesan tomatoes. They’re juicy with just enough crispiness and tons of flavor. Enjoy!

Low Carb Tomato Chips

Crispy Parmesan Tomato Chips

Crispy Parmesan Tomato Chips made in your oven or dehydrator! The perfect low carb snack!

Low Carb Fried Green Tomatoes

Yes! FRIED green tomatoes! This recipe has a secret ingredient for low carb breading.

We just started using it and it works perfectly when replacing bread crumbs. I’ve made meatloaf with it, sausage balls, breaded baked chicken and more.

Even tho I am not eating low carb, I love it!

Keto Fried Green Tomatoes

A delicious way to use unripened green tomatoes, these keto fried green tomatoes taste just like the classic southern recipe with their delightfully crunchy coating. THIS POST INCLUDES AFFILIATE LINKS TO SHARE THE THINGS I LOVE. Jump to Recipe Print Recipe I love backyard gardening.

Low Carb BLT Dip

This low carb dip recipe is simply delicious – I even make it as a party appetizer when we’re entertaining and everyone loves it (they don’t care that it’s low carb!).

I buy these low carb chips for my hubby and he goes to town on this dip, too. (btw, those low carb chips are REALLY good!)

Bacon Tomato Dip – Grits and Gouda

If you like BLT sandwiches, you will LOVE 4 ingredient Bacon Tomato Dip! Serve it at a party with tortilla or corn chip scoops. Take it to your tailgating party, backyard bbq gathering, game night, Christmas party, bridal shower… You get the idea!

Low Carb Tuna Melts

Low-Carb Tomato Tuna Melts

These Low-Carb Tomato Tuna Melts are perfect for summer tomatoes! 6 Freestyle Points * 271 Calories

Make Ahead Smoothie Packs – My Favorite Frozen Fruit Smoothie Recipes – Super Simple and Insanely Good!

These are some of my favorite make ahead smoothie recipes with frozen fruit. Every day I’m trying a new smoothie recipe for a week and these frozen smoothie prep bags are such an easy way to make no ice smoothies (since well, the FRUIT is the ice haha!)

Low Carb Comfort Food Recipes – Fast, Easy and HEALTHY Comfort Foods

Healthy & Easy Low Carb Comfort Food Recipes To Try * When you’re going low-carb, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner… or DESSERT time, there are moments when you just want comfort food – Like bread… and biscuits… and pizza… and pancakes…and cheesecake!