Grinch Christmas Decorations-DIY Decor, Trees, Wreath Ideas and More


Grinch Christmas Decorations – Everything GRINCH For Christmas Decorating This Year!

There is nothing more fun for Christmas to me than The Grinch. I go ALL out each Holiday with Grinch Christmas decorations everywhere.

From outdoor decorations, to Grinch Christmas trees, to front porch decor with signs and a Grinch wreath – I even decorate in the classroom.

This page is where I am saving MY favorite ideas for adding to my Grinch Christmas decoration stash so I can make even MORE Grinch goodies this year.

Grinch Christmas Decorations - DIY Tree Ideas, Outdoor Decorations, Grinch Crafts, Ornaments, Classroom Decor and More

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Easy DIY Grinch Christmas Decorations, Christmas Trees, Outdoor Decorations and more

If you’re a How The Grinch Stole Christmas fan, and love ANYTHING “Grinch”, I think you’re going to love these Grinch Christmas ideas below as much as I do!

Best of all, the appear to be pretty easy DIY projects we can plan for this Holiday.

Grinch Christmas Decoration Ideas
Grinch Christmas Decoration Ideas

First, a quick note – this is a page in progress.

I am adding to it as I find new DIY Grinch decorations that I love and want to try and make for my house (and for work)

If YOU have a cute idea for decorating with Grinch-themed decorations, please feel free to share – I will love them ALL!

Outdoor Grinch Decorations

Here are a few DIY outdoor Grinch decorations I think are super cute and unique for outside and on my porch:

Grinch Decorations - Outdoors DIY Grinch Porch Decroating Ideas

Grinch Christmas Trees

And here are some DIY Grinch Christmas tree ideas I’ve got my eye on…

Aren’t they adorable?!!?

Grinch Christmas Tree Ideas - DIY Grinch Christmas Decorations

Here’s another Grinch tree for Christmas that I think is pretty creative and different from most others:

Grinch Christmas Tree Decorating Idea

Grinch Door Decorations

I just love this Grinch door decoration idea in the picture below for decorating my classroom door or my office door at work… maybe even at church.

Grinch Christmas Decorations For The Classroom, Office Door At Work or For Fun At Church

DIY Grinch Wreath

I am in love with this homemade Grinch wreath idea in the picture below for my front door (or back door, or garage door or ANY door in my house haha!)

Grinch Christmas Wreath - from Grinch Christmas Decorations DIY Ideas

It’s a mesh Christmas wreath using the “poof zig zag” method.

I’ll need 2 rolls of 10″ mesh in Grinch colors and a 16″ wreath base.

Looks like I can get a cheap Grinch sign from Dollar Tree or any other discount store.

Here’s how to make it:

More Ideas For Christmas

DIY Grinch Christmas Decorations
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