Reindeer Towel Craft-How To Make A Towel Reindeer Step By Step
-how to make a towel reindeer the easy way AND pdf template for the reindeer antlers...

Towel Reindeer Tutorial – How To Fold Bath Towels and Washcloths Into Christmas Reindeer.

If you want to learn how to fold plain old brown bathroom towels into animals, let me show you how to make a reindeer towel in the simple tutorial below.

It’s my favorite bathroom towel folding idea for decorative Christmas decorations or to give as gifts.

Towel Animals - Great Ideas for Old Towels - This is one of the best towel animals to make at Christmas - a Towel Reindeer. Here's how to fold a towel into a reindeer

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Have you seen these adorable reindeer that are made out of folded towels?

So cute – and easy to make, too!

If you’re looking for craft ideas with old towels – towel animals are the best.

And for Christmas, nothing is cuter than towels folded into reindeer!

Here’s a step by step video that will show you how to take boring old brown bath towels and turn them into adorable Christmas towel reindeer like this:

towel reindeer craft step by step - how to make towel reindeer with folded towels for Christmas

Towel Reindeer Craft Tutorial - How To Fold Bath Towels and Washcloths Into Christmas Reindeer - These towel reindeer are Cheap and easy DIY Christmas Decor or handmade gifts!

Yep, those cute DIY reindeer are made out of folding up towels and washcloths – such a cute and easy washcloth craft that are perfect for cheap DIY Christmas decor or as gifts!

Here’s how to make towel reindeer –

Video Tutorial:

Here’s What You’ll Need:

These are the items needed to make 2 reindeer from folded towels:

  • 2 – Standard Size Brown Bath Towels
  • 2 – Floral Picks
  • 4 – Jiggly Eyes
  • 2 – Red Pom Poms
  • 1 1/2 yds of 7/8″ Red Ribbon
  • 4 – Jingle Bells
  • 6 – Rubber Bands

She also has a pdf pattern for the towel reindeer antlers and ears –

You can download and print the pdf template here

(note: she charges $2.00 for that pattern template as of this writing)

You can buy all these things at your local craft store, Hobby Lobby, WalMart, etc

Amazon also has the things you’ll need to make a folded towel reindeer like she did in the video tutorial above:

 Brown TowelsShow Me This Red RibbonShow Me This Craft EyesShow Me This PomPom NoseShow Me This Jingle BellsShow Me This Cut Out AntlersShow Me This


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