How I Clean White Hey Dudes-Easy How To-Step By Step

How To Wash and Clean WHITE Hey Dudes so they look NEW again. If your white Hey Dudes shoes are stained, dirty and every color BUT white, here’s a quick and easy way to clean your Hey Dudes shoes that really works and makes them look new again.

How To Clean WHITE Hey Dudes - How To Wash Hey Dudes, Get Stains Out and Make Your Hey Dude Shoes Look Bright White and Brand New Again The EASY Way
How To Clean WHITE Hey Dudes – How To Wash Hey Dudes Shoes, Get Stains Out and Make Them Look Bright White and Brand New Again

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This shoe cleaning trick not only works to make white Hey Dudes white again, but also works to get stains out of white Vans, Keds, Converse, Bobs, Toms and other white canvas sneakers and cloth shoes.

How To Wash Hey Dudes Shoes - How To Clean White Hey Dudes To Make Them WHITE again - simple way how to clean hey dudes shoes by hand (insoles too) - Get the stains out of white Hey Dudes shoes

How To Clean White Hey Dudes

The easiest way to clean White Hey Dudes AND remove stains is with the magic washing solution below.

You will be AMAZED at how well it works – all stains GONE and your Hey Dude shoes will look brand new again.

how to wash hey dudes - easy way to clean white hey dudes and make white shoes white again, remove stains and NOT ruin them

How To Clean WHITE Hey Dudes in 6 Easy Steps:

  1. Remove insoles and rinse.
  2. Make my Magic Cleaning Solution – this is the secret!
  3. Soak Your Hey Dudes.
  4. Toss your Hey Dudes in the washer – but read warning in FAQ below FIRST.
  5. Air Dry your Hey Dudes.

That’s all there is to it – your Hey Dudes will be bright white and stain-free!

How to wash Hey Dudes - If your Hey Dudes shoes are stained and dirty, don't bleach them! Here's how to clean white Hey Dude canvas shoes to they look new again
White Hey Dudes - How To Clean White HeyDudes - make white again

I’m the first to admit that Hey Dudes are the most amazing shoes.

SO comfortable!

If you have never had a pair on your feet, I highly recommend getting at least one pair.

(they make Hey Dudes for men, but also for women and kids).

But, as all moms know, white shoes NEVER stay white… especially when they’re on kid’s feet… or men’s feet.

For some reason, both my husband AND my son just HAD to have white Hey Dudes shoes.


They both spent the day at the lake with friends and my goodness, BOTH of their white Hey Dudes came back NASTY.

We’re talking Georgia red clay stains, blood (not sure WHY? maybe from fishing? some things I don’t ask lol!).

It also looked like my son spilled some sort of blue punch or something all over his Hey Dudes.

I truly thought they were ruined for good.

But, I decided to try something before we tossed them…. and it worked SO well for getting their white Hey Dudes WHITE again.

How To Clean WHITE Hey Dudes Shoes (also works for Vans, Converse, Keds and other canvas cloth shoes). The simple way to wash your white Hey Dudes to remove stains and make them bright white and brand new looking again.

Washing Hey Dudes Instructions

Here are the 6 quick steps to wash your Hey Dudes, or other canvas shoes, to get the stains out and make them bright white and look new again.

1. Remove the Insoles

Take out the insoles of your white Hey Dudes and spray them down with this spray cleaner.

Let them sit on the counter for about an hour or two.

2. Rinse Out Your Insoles

Rinse your Hey Dudes insoles in hot water and scrub gently all over with a toothbrush if necessary.

Let air dry.

3. Make This Magic Cleaning Solution

Run half a sink full of hot water and put half a cup of this magical laundry whitener in there.

Mix it well!!

4. Do The Magic Soak

Put your Hey Dudes shoes face down in the hot water mixture and put something heavy on top so they will stay saturated.

Soak for at least 2 hours.

5. Toss In Washing Machine

Do NOT rinse the Magic Cleaning Solution out of your white Hey Dudes- that’s what gets them really CLEAN with less washing.

Next, take your wet stain-free shoes and toss them into your washing machine and wash them alone on a cold cycle.

No need to add any other detergents.

Wash on your cold water / cold rinse cycle.

6. Air Dry

When your Hey Dudes are done in the washing machine, take them out.

Take a moment to straighten them back to form and let them air dry (do NOT put them in the dryer).

Yep, that’s all there is to it.

Your white Hey Dudes or other canvas shoes will look BRIGHT white, stain free and brand new again.

Easy, right?

That’s how I got MY white Hey Dudes brand-new looking again before I used this to decorate my Hey Dudes into Disney themed shoes =)

Cleaning Hey Dudes FAQ

Common questions and answers about how to clean white Hey Dudes without ruining them:

✅ How can I hand wash Hey Dude Shoes?

If you prefer to totally hand wash your Hey Dudes (or don’t have access to a washing machine), you can still follow my system below BUT be sure to totally rinse the magic solution out after letting it sit and soak for awhile – then air dry.

✅ Can I bleach white Hey Dudes?

No, do NOT use bleach on my white Hey Dudes. Bleach can ruin the canvas fabric. Instead of bleach, use this (it works GREAT to make your Hey Dudes really white again)

✅ Can my white Hey Dudes get wet?

Yes, your Hey Dude shoes can get wet and they dry very quickly (which makes them great boat shoes!) – but Hey Dudes are NOT waterproof.

✅ Can you wash Hey Dudes in the washing machine?

Yes, you can wash your Hey Dude shoes in the washing machine-READ IMPORTANT NOTE BELOW FIRST! Be sure to remove the insoles and laces before putting in the washer, and only use LIQUID laundry detergent and wash on cold delicate cycle.

Important Note: Hey Dudes say that if you wash your Hey Dude shoes in the washer that it will void you warranty.

They say: “Washing instructions are a suggestion. Shoes will no longer be eligible for returns or warranty policy after a machine wash.”

✅ Can you put Hey Dudes in the dryer?

No, you should NOT dry your Hey Dude shoes in the dryer. Hey Dudes should only be air-dried and kept out of direct sunlight while drying to avoid bleaching and color changes.

✅ How to wash Hey Dude insoles?

Hey Dude shoe insoles should be removed before being put in the washing machine (they are made with memory foam and the washer may damage the insoles. Hand wash your insoles with this and air dry.

How To Clean White Shoes WITHOUT Bleach

Bleach seems to be the “go to” when trying to remove stains from white sneakers and canvas shoes (note: I do NOT bleach my white Hey Dudes!)

Here’s another way to clean white canvas shoes WITHOUT using bleach.

How To Clean White Vans

Now, the cleaning method above totally works for white Vans, but here’s another option to get your Vans white and brand new looking again:

How To Clean White Converse or Toms Shoes

Again, the magic white shoe cleaning solution above totally works for washing white Converse or white Tom’s shoes, but you can also try this simple method to clean them, too:

How To Remove Yellow Stains From Rubber Soles

If your white tennis shoes, sneaks, canvas shoes, etc have started to yellow on the soles, here is an easy way to remove that yellow stain and make them white again:

Hope these tips have helped you as much as they’ve helped me!

I’ll never NOT have these 2 magic cleaners in my house…

HIGHLY recommended!

 This cleans EVERYTHING – not just whitesThis cleans EVERYTHING - not just whites This is the ‘magic’ that makes white shoes WHITE againThis is the 'magic' that makes white shoes WHITE again


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 This cleans EVERYTHING – not just white shoes – LOVE itThis cleans EVERYTHING - not just whites This is the ‘magic’ that makes white shoes WHITE againThis is the 'magic' that makes white shoes WHITE again