How To Remove Mattress Stains At Home the EASY Way

Mattress Cleaning Tips and Tricks – How To Clean Mattress Stains & Odors At Home

At one time or another, we will all find ourselves with stains on our mattresses. Whether it’s due to pets, kids, or life in general, the simple truth is that mattresses get stained. Cleaning life’s stains out of your mattress isn’t difficult, if you have a little know-how.

How To Remove Mattress Stains At Home

When trying to remove mattress stains at home, you can obviously buy a mattress cleaner – or you could try these inexpensive home cleaning solutions to get those stains, and SMELLS, out of your bed mattress.


What Causes Yellow Stains on a Mattress?

Other than urine (which makes an obvious yellow stain on your mattress), yellow stains on a mattress are cause by sweat, oil and use.

Can You Use Baking Soda on a Mattress?

Yes, you can use baking soda to clean your mattress. Instructions are below.

Can I Use My Carpet Cleaner to Clean My Mattress?

Sure! You can absolutely use a carpet clean to clean your bed mattress.

Sweat Stains

To remove sweat stains (and odor) from your bed mattress at home, try these stain removal hacks:

White Vinegar

White vinegar works in removing mattress sweat stains. Here’s how to use vinegar to remove sweat stains from your mattress:

  1. Dilute vinegar in equal parts water.
  2. Spray vinegar & water mixture on the stained areas of the mattress.
  3. Let it sit for about an hour until the stains have already been dissolved.
  4. Wipe the surface of the mattress with a damp towel to get rid of any residue.
  5. Let dry completely before replacing sheets and other bedding.

Lemon Juice

If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, you can also try lemon juice to remove the sweat stains from your mattress.

The juice of lemon actually works in the same way as vinegar does. However, this leaves a wonderful citrus scent behind (which makes it also wonderful for deodorizing your bed).

Here’s how to use lemon juice to remove sweat stains from a mattress:

  1. Mix equal parts lemon juice and water into a spray bottle.
  2. Spray the lemon juice solution on mattress stains.
  3. Let it sit for about an hour.
  4. Wipe down with a damp towel.
  5. Allow mattress dry completely before replacing bedding.

Blood Stains

Use hydrogen peroxide to remove blood stains from your bed mattress – here’s how:

  1. Treat the stained areas on your mattress with hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Immediately sprinkle table salt to absorb the blood.
  3. Once the blood stains have risen to the surface, wipe it off with a clean tissue paper.
  4. Repeat as needed.

Mold & Mildew Stains

Removing mold and mildew from mattresses isn’t easy, but it can be done. Since they are caused by moisture, the first step in removing mold and mildew stains is to y prevent them running a dehumidifier, heater or air conditioner – something to remove moisture from the room.

Once there is a mold or mildew stain, however, take the mattress outside on a sunny day. Sweep off any surface mold or mildew and vacuum the mattress with a heavy-duty vacuum. Remember: The goal is to keep the mattress dry, so don’t spray it with anything or dampen the mattress in any way. Allow the sun to shine on the mattress for several hours. This is your best shot at drying out the mattress and freshening it.

Urine Stains

Anyone who has pets or small children knows that accidents happen. And when those accidents happen on the bed, urine penetrates the mattress very easily, leaving a stain and that unmistakable odor. Removing urine stains can be a challenge because it’s not just about the stain; you have to contend with the smell, too. But it is possible to save a urine-stained mattress.

As soon as possible after you notice the stain, blot up as much of the urine as possible with an absorbent towel. Then using a commercially made pet-accident cleaning solution or other product that states “pet accidents” as one of its applications, spray the soiled area. Follow up with the blotting technique already discussed.

Although it may seem contradictory, vinegar is also effective at removing urine stains. Saturate the stain with plain, white vinegar and blot until you have removed as much of the stain as possible. Then, cover the area with baking soda (it will work to neutralize the odor) and leave it overnight. The next morning, vacuum the powder off.

If your mattress stain is cat urine….

Drink Stains

Although kids and sugary, Technicolor drinks seem to go hand in hand, but when you add a bed into the mix, that’s a recipe for disaster. Even the child who “promises” to be careful will inevitably have an “oops!” moment and end up spilling their drink in bed. If your child has spilled Kool-Aid or something else similarly full of dyes, the stain may be permanent, but you might be able to remove some of the surface stain.

As with other liquid stains, begin by clotting up as much of the liquid as you can. Then, follow the instructions above for using a citrus-based cleanser.

Vinegar also works on this type of stain. Spray the area, cover it with an absorbent towel and weigh the towel down with something heavy like a brick. After an hour, remove the brick and the towel, spray the area again with vinegar and blot it with a clean cloth to lift up the color. Repeat these steps until the stain is completely removed or until no more dye comes off onto the towel.

Unknown Stains

Got a mystery stain on your bed mattress? Here’s some tips on how to clean it and remove the stain.

If you don’t know what caused the stain, start by spraying the stained area with a citrus-based product. Allow the product to soak into the stain for approximately five minutes, and then, using a clean white towel, blot the stain by pressing down firmly for about 30 seconds. Do not rub; doing so could set the stain even further. Repeat this procedure until the area is dry and the odor has dissipated from the mattress. You should only smell the fresh citrus scent of the product you are using. This method can be used on virtually any stain; citrus-based cleaners are all-purpose products.

If you need to clean a stain in a pinch and don’t have a citrus cleaner in the house use mild dish detergent. Blot the stain as above, and wipe clean with a damp sponge.

Mattress Odor Removal

There are a lot of things that can trigger the emergence of unwanted mattress odor. The most common problem is sweat. When you sweat, the mattress absorbs the fluid. After some time, sweat turns stale and this might lead to the formation of bacteria and germs. Bacteria and germs are the usually causes of odor.

Liquid spills and diaper leaks are also some of the common causes. Any liquid absorbed by the mattress can be turned into a breeding ground by micro organisms such as molds and mildew.

On the other hand, your stinky mattress might be caused by the poor circulation of air inside the bed. There are certain mattresses that prevent the dissipation of hot air. As a result, the interior turns musty. Because of the heat, the mattress produces moisture that will eventually lead to the appearance of molds.

How To Remove Mattress Smells

Here are some simple tips and tricks to remove any smells and odors from your bed mattress:

Tip 1: Immediately clean any liquid spills on the mattress. Do not let the bed absorb it and dry it up, else you will have more trouble getting rid of it. Try using a natural cleaner made from lemon juice and water. Mix equal portions of the juice of lemon and water and spray it on the spills and stains. Let the juice of lemon get rid of the stains and the smell. Let it dry completely. Vacuum the mattress to get rid of dust particles.

Tip 2: Use an upholstery perfume like Febreeze. This can be bought in the grocery store. Spray it liberally all over your mattress to get rid of the unwanted smell.

Tip 3: The best way to avoid bed odor is to air it out. Take your mattress in a sunny and airy room and let it stay there for at least a day. The air will help dissipate the smell and the sun can get rid of the germs and bacteria thriving in it.

Tip 4: At least once a month, try to sprinkle baking soda liberally all over the mattress. Let is stay there for about an hour before vacuuming it off. Baking soda helps absorb bad mattress odor.

Tip 5: If you tend to sweat a lot at night, use a mattress protector. There are comfortable mattress protectors made from water-repellent fabrics.

Smoke Odors

If your mattress smells like smoke there are some simple ways to remove that odor which will HOPEFULLY keep you from having to buy a new mattress.

2 Ways To Remove Smoke Odor From Your Bed Mattress:

  • 1. Citrus Cleaner –

    Working in sections, use the method outlined above. Repeat the process, cleaning and blotting, until the whole mattress smells fresh.

  • Baking Soda –

    Sprinkle the whole top surface of the mattress with baking soda and let it stand overnight. In the morning, simply vacuum the power – and the smell – away.