Laundry Storage Hacks For Renters-27 Rental-Friendly Ideas That WORK


Laundry Storage Ideas For Rented Apartments and Small Rental Houses That WON’T Risk your Security Deposit.

If you’re trying to figure out how to store laundry in a small apartment WITHOUT risking your security deposit, take a look at these clever ideas below.

I found solutions and PICTURES of inexpensive tiny bathroom storage ideas, cheap renter-friendly shelving, laundry basket storage ideas and more apartment storage hacks that are absolutely GENIUS for renters.

Laundry storage ideas for renters in small spaces with NO storage space - these clever apartment laundry storage ideas are renter-friendly, perfect for a small rental house and are cheap and creative DIY small laundry room ideas you can do on a budget - rental house storage ideas for tiny house storage solutions for renting - 50 clever ways to organize a small apartment laundry when you have NO sotrage space

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Laundry Storage SOLUTIONS For Renters

Living in a small rented apartment, condo, or tiny rental house has a LOT of challenges – the biggest one being: STORAGE SPACE!

We talked yesterday about what to DO if you do NOT have a linen closet

So TODAY we’re going to talk about storage solutions for renting that are renter-friendly AND budget-friendly to create more storage space in your small living areas.

Best SIMPLE Solution

When you have a BIG problem…

the best solution is usually the most SIMPLE solution.

When it comes to laundry storage in a small rental, this is also true.

For example, this SIMPLE laundry storage solution for renters in the picture below (YES, your laundry is HIDDEN!)

laundry storage ideas for renters - where to store hampers, laundry baskets and other laundry in a small apartment or rental house

Just use a few cheap bed risers and store your hampers UNDER your bed.


Here’s a BONUS Tip:

Get collapsible laundry baskets like these

That way, when you’re baskets are empty you can store multiple baskets flat on top of each other!

 Make Your Bed Higher With TheseI Found It Here Use COLLAPSIBLE Laundry BasketsI Found It Here


Laundry Cabinet Storage Hack

When it comes to my favorite inventions of all time, it has to be this laundry storage cabinet hack in the picture below!

Just LOOK at it!

laundry storage ideas for renters - small apartment laundry storage cabinet hack

If you have a small cabinet in your rental house or apartment laundry room, you MUST do this!

It’s a total game changer AND maximizes the space you DO have!

 Best Invention EVER!I Found It Here My 2nd Favorite ThingI Found It Here


Remember: It’s not about how MUCH storage space you have – it IS about how you USE the space you DO have!

Brilliant Hamper Storage Idea

This is a genius idea for hamper storage in a small rental!

If you’re like me, I have more dirty laundry baskets than I have space to put them!

If you’re allowed to hang things according to your lease or rental agreement, I would TOTALLY do this!

Laundry storage ideas for renters - hamper storage ideas for small spaces, rental house and apartments - simple DIY laundry basket storage

Now, if you are NOT allowed to hang things on the wall, here is a more renter-friendly laundry storage solution:

laundry storage ideas for renters - laundry basket storage in small apartment laundry room

Or, if you are a renter blessed with even MORE wall space, you could do it like this:

Laundry storage ideas for renters - laundry room wall storage ideas for laundry baskets, dirty laundry hampers and more

I would LOVE a laundry storage system like this in the picture below – heck, I’d use it as my clean laundry dresser and just KEEP all my clean laundry in those baskets in my bedroom!

laundry storage ideas for renters - small apartment laundry basket storage system that doubles as a dresser for clean laundry storage

BUT – I know I’m not crafty enough to make that…plus, I don’t think my rental has enough wall space available.

Double Your Storage Space Like This

This is probably the most budget-friendly and GENIUS idea for laundry storage in a small rental.

We renters all have ONE big problem – too much STUFF and not enough SPACE.

Here is a way to store and HIDE your laundry in your bedroom:

laundry storage ideas for renters how to store and hide laundry in small apartment bedroom or rental house

Yep, your laundry is hidden in plain site when you use this storage idea… PLUS, you now have a nightstand or extra table for additional storage!

 2 Hampers Underneath…I Found It Here Or one BIG hamper tableI Found It Here



We already saw a BRILLIANT laundry storage hack for under your bed, so how about another hack that stores things in otherwise unused spaces.

Like… UNDER your washer and dryer!

laundry storage ideas for renters - UNDER washer and dryer laundry storage idea

Granted, that solution is not for everyone.

First off, you need to have a FRONT loader washer and dryer AND you need help to get that storage space UNDER them.

More Renter-Friendly Storage Ideas

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Storage Ideas For Rented Apartments and Small Rental Houses - Laundry Storage Ideas For Renters on a Budget - hamper and laundry basket storage solutions for renting - 50 clever ways to organize a small apartment - renter-friendly storage solutions and storage hacks
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