Lazy Easy Hairstyles For School Days, Running LATE or Running Errands

If there is one thing we moms do NOT have enough of – it would be TIME.

I don’t know about YOU, but I am NOT the mom who gets up extra early to spend 30 minutes or more on my hair.

I’d rather sleep lol!

Thing is, if I wear my hair in a top of my head messy bun one more time, my family will probably disown me.

I’d love to say my messy bun looks all cute – but truth be – it looks like a rat’s nest on top of my head haha!

I have a sneaky feeling I’m not the ONLY busy mom that feels that way…

and not the ONLY busy mom who can’t wait to see the hairstyles I’ve found.

Lazy Easy Hairstyles For School Days, Running LATE or Running Errands - Busy Mom SOLUTIONS

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I have been searching like a crazy woman for some quick and easy hairstyles for busy moms who have ZERO talent styling their hair.

I wanted the hairstyle ideas to:

– NOT involve heat of any kind

– NOT involve any kind of special hair styling skills (cause, girl, I ain’t got that!)

– Be SUPER easy, in reality, to do

– Take NO MORE than one minute or so to do

– and ideally, I should be able to do these lazy day hairstyles without a mirror.

Yes, that IS asking a lot.

But guess what?

I found some super simple, super QUICK lazy easy hairstyles for school days, running late or running errands (and yep, they do really well for Zoom meetings or online school etc).

None of the hairstyles require heat or any fancy gizmos other than an elastic or a bobby pin or two.

Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!

Just watch below and she will walk you through each of the multiple ideas for quick lazy girl ways you can style your hair when you simple do not have TIME to mess with your hair.

Don’t you just LOVE those quick and easy hairstyle ideas?

And let me give you a little tip for styling your hair when you’re running late…

Dry shampoo is your friend.

No wait…

Dry shampoo is your BEST friend.

I use this kind of dry shampoo

and yes, I buy the 6-pack because I LOVE it.

Thankfully, it’s pretty darn cheap too – especially when you buy the 6 pack like I do.

Here’s some dry shampoo tips I’ve learned the hard way.

1 – Is your hair flat on top but not really dirty enough to warrant a “mom bun”?

Spray some dry shampoo at the roots of your crown, then break out the ol’ round brush and hairdryer to give it some lift.

You will be amazed at how well that works!

2 – Spray some dry shampoo at your roots BEFORE you go to bed and sleep with it in your hair.

In the morning, flip your head over and brush the dry shampoo through and out of your hair.

Just trust me on this one – it works so well… it’s pretty amazing.

3 – Don’t point the nozzle of the dry shampoo super close to your hair.

Remember, dry shampoo is pretty much a powder so spraying it that close can possibly give your hair the white, powdery look (but you can always brush it out).

4 – This tip is for all the ladies with fine hair (like ME!)

Whenever I wash and blow dry my hair, it has NO real body or texture to it.

In reality, it’s just TOO clean.

Dry shampoo to the rescue.

Yes, spray it on totally clean hair.

Brush it through…

and you will suddenly have volume and texture to your hair.

This specific dry shampoo is the best thing since sliced bread and the snooze button lol!

Plus, since my hair is fine and colored (and yes, ok, it’s thinning too), dry shampoo makes it so I have to wash my hair LESS – which helps MY hair tremendously!

Best of all, my hair never FEELS dirty, never LOOKS dirty… and never SMELLS dirty (in fact, it smells AMAZING!)

Give this dry shampoo a try

It’s worth it’s weight in gold!