Mini Desserts That Freeze Well-Easy Make Ahead Freezable Sweets
-super simple individual mini desserts that you can make ahead and freeze for bite-sized party desserts for any crowd...

Best Make Ahead Mini Desserts That Freeze Well

My FAVORITE Freezable Individual Cheesecakes, Bite-Sized Cakes, Dessert Bars, Sweet Treats and Dessert Cups – these are my favorite freezer-friendly mini desserts for the easiest make ahead desserts for a party crowd that can be frozen.

mini desserts that freeze well

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Easy Bite Size Desserts

I can’t wait to share my favorite EASY bite size desserts with you! They’re all freezer friendly mini desserts so you can make these desserts and sweet treats ahead of time and use them when you’re ready for your party dessert table or a single-serve sweet treat when your sweet tooth strikes.

From no bake mini cheese cakes to simple freezable make ahead desserts, you’ll want to save this page for future use.

I’m sure these mini desserts you can freeze will be YOUR favorites too!

Bite Size Desserts - easy freeable make ahead mini desserts and individual sweet treats you can freeze

Let’s jump in and see all the easy desserts to make-ahead and freeze I found.

Freezable Make Ahead Christmas Desserts

There are LOTS of freezer-friendly make ahead Christmas desserts on this page – super easy to make multiple batches ahead of time and freeze for when you’re ready to serve them or take them with you.

(tip: these freezable desserts make great Christmas gifts too!)

Bite-Sized Lemon Cakes

Since I’ve got lemon on my mind after just posting all these EASY lemon desserts, let’s start with one of my favorite lemon desserts you can freeze… mini lemon cakes.

These individual lemon cake bites are so good – they’re very “airy”, moist and light and the glaze is outstanding.

And yes, they freeze well too (just freeze them in an airtight container)

Bite Size Desserts

Mini Oreo Cheesecakes

Simply putting the words “Oreos” and “Cheesecake” in the same sentence makes these Oreo Cheesecake mini desserts at the top of my list.

They are an absolute crowd-pleaser – and yes, they CAN be made ahead of time and frozen.

Grab and Go Peanut Butter Buckeyes

Aren’t these unique peanut butter buckeyes the cutest!??!

Best of all, they are NO BAKE mini desserts that are freezable so you can make them ahead of time for Thanksgiving!

See ALL Thanksgiving Desserts Here

More Make Ahead Desserts That Freeze Well

More Easy Desserts

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