Creative Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas To Try This Year-Easy & Elegant Showstopper Recipes

Creative Thanksgiving Desserts – Try These Fun and UNIQUE Easy Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes This Thanksgiving –

The Thanksgiving holiday is almost here and I know you are busy concentrating on the most important part of the meal – the dessert!

When your family is falling into their turkey comas, and you’re wondering what to DO with your Thanksgiving leftovers, make a pot of coffee and serve one – or MORE – of these fun, unique, and EASY Thanksgiving dessert ideas.

Easy Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes and Creative Thanksgiving Desserts For a Crowd - Simple and UNIQUE Thanksgiving Desserts Recipes for your large group or family get-together or pot luck

Creative Thanksgiving Desserts

How about these creative desserts for Thanksgiving?

If you’re tired of the same ol’ pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving why not try one these unique Thanksgiving dessert recipes – they look SO good!

Like this Amish Apple Bread (also called apple fritter bread or country apple bread) – it is a CROWD- PLEASER.

Easy Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas and Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes - this Thanksgiving apple bread is creative, unique and DELICIOUS!

Creative Thanksgiving Desserts - Easy Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes and Ideas for fun and UNIQUE desserts for Thanksgiving this year

✅ Get The Recipes

Here’s where to get creative and unique Thanksgiving dessert recipes for Brown Butter Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie Bars, Cream Cheese Banana Bread, and more:

Speaking of banana bread…

Try this 3-Ingredient Banana Bread Recipe

it’s SO good and super simple to make!

Light Desserts For Thanksgiving

If your Thanksgiving crowd tends to be WAY too full after the big meal, why not include some light desserts for Thanksgiving this year.

This is my favorite “light” dessert to make for Thanksgiving dinner (or as a potluck dessert)

It’s easy to make and it’s really, really good.

Light Desserts for Thanksgiving and more creative Thanksgiving dessert ideas - this pumpkin cheese cake lasagna is super simple and delicious. It's a real showstopper too

The ingredients are:

  • cream cheese
  • sugar
  • vanilla pudding mix (instant)
  • pumpkin puree
  • heavy cream
  • pumpkin pie spice
  • milk
  • graham crackers
  • caramel
  • pecans (optional)

While this recipe is kinda rich, it just isn’t as “heavy” as traditional Thanksgiving desserts.

You can print the recipe here.

Or try this caramel apple fruit pizza – very creative and very, very good!

Traditional Thanksgiving Desserts

Traditional Thanksgiving Desserts include:

  • Thanksgiving Pies.
  • Thanksgiving Cakes.
  • Thanksgiving Cookies.
  • Apple Pie.
  • Pecan Pie.
  • Pumpkin Pie.
  • Sweet Potato Pie.
  • Holiday Cupcakes.
  • Fudge.
  • Speaking of fudge…

    Elegant Thanksgiving Desserts

    How about some elegant Thanksgiving desserts that are NOT pie or traditional?

    These showstopper Thanksgiving desserts are all such easy make ahead Thanksgiving desserts for a crowd that are sure to impress your guests!

    unexpected Thanksgiving desserts

    Here are the elegant showstopper Thanksgiving dessert recipes from the picture above:

    1 – Caramel Apple Blondie Cheesecake (get recipe)

    2 – Caramel Apple Snickers Cake (get recipe)

    3 – Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake Cake (get recipe)

    4 – Easy Pumpkin Roll (get recipe)

    If you want a more unique dessert option, take a look at these dessert recipes.

    Know what your elegant Thanksgiving desserts need?

    The perfect dinner table presentation!

    Look at these Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

     Creative Desserts RecipesShow Me This I’m Just Here For The DessertsShow Me This 50 Amazing Food SpreadsShow Me This


    EASY Holiday Desserts

    Here are even more easy holiday dessert recipes to try this year:

    But let’s get back to Thanksgiving desserts…

    Unique Thanksgiving Desserts

    Let’s skip the traditional desserts this year and, instead, let’s make something fun and unique for Thanksgiving dessert!

    Let's get CREATIVE for Thanksgiving! Unique and yummy Thanksgiving dessert idea.

    You saw it up top… it sure looks yummy, right?  Recipe is here or just pin the recipe image below to Pinterest so you always have it.

    Easy Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas - creative, simple and UNIQUE Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes that make Thanksgiving cooking FUN again.  Even the kids love these easy Thanksgiving dessert ideas... they're so simple and perfect dessert ideas for a crowd

    fast and EASY Thanksgiving desserts recipes and ideas

    More Thanksgiving Recipes

    SO cute! AND they’re a creative dessert idea for Thanksgiving also.

    Also, be sure to check out these easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids.

    Last Minute Thanksgiving Desserts

    If you need some quick and easy Thanksgiving desserts that you can whip together last minute, check out these super simple ideas:

     Creative Desserts RecipesShow Me This I’m Just Here For The DessertsShow Me This 50 Amazing Food SpreadsShow Me This


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