Decluttering Club: Why You Should ONLY Declutter With Bags NOT Boxes (and more Decluttering MISTAKES)

Overwhelmed by clutter and can’t seem to get motivated to declutter ALL your clutter piles?

I’ve been there. For years, I let decluttering slide because it was TOO overwhelming and I didn’t know where to start. And it kept getting worse!

I tried time management, cleaning schedules, list making, box sorting, stuffing my clutter in closets, etc etc ETC… but nothing really helped.

In fact, I felt as if the clutter was getting worse!

And, it actually was getting worse since I was just moving things around – and not getting the clutter OUT of the house.

Finally, I found this system to declutter my home and it WORKS! My house is now organized and clutter free. I’m no longer overwhelmed when I walk in the front door!

It feels GREAT!

Many of my friends and family have now asked me to help them declutter their homes and I’ve learned a few things while watching them.

Know what I learned?

The MISTAKES people make when attempting to declutter their home.

Decluttering Mistakes To Avoid

Decluttering Mistakes

Here are my Top 6 Decluttering Mistakes To Avoid that I see others make (that I used to make as well):

1) trying to declutter the whole house at once,

2) not following a proven system,

3) buying new items when they already own enough of the same type,

4) keeping broken items with plans to “fix it later”,

5) letting sentimental value dictate what stays in the house, and

6) not using bags and boxes the proper way.

Here’s a Decluttering Club Tip:

Always use BAGS when you are decluttering your home… NOT boxes.

There’s a very simple reason why bags work SO much better when decluttering any room in your home.

Decluttering ideas, tips and tricks to UNclutter your home even when feeling overwhelmed

Retrain Your Brain

When you’re uncluttering your home (or Decluttering… or de-JUNKING), it’s important to retrain your brain so you don’t feel SO darn overwhelmed by all the clutter around you.

There’s a reason all that clutter built up in the first place, right?


In order to change our behavior WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed, we have to do things differently and pretty much “trick” our brain into wanting to declutter.

One of the most important things you can do to retrain your brain is to ONLY declutter with BAGS and NEVER with BOXES.

Bags vs Boxes

The whole point of decluttering is to get RID of stuff, right?

In order to retrain your brain into a new “Get Rid Of It” mentality, you should ONLY use bags to remove the trash clutter from your home.

There’s a very simple reason why… and it has to do with how your brain subconsciously works.

It’s also one of the main reasons why Decluttering Challenges, like the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge, work so well for people when they never could find success with other decluttering programs.

It’s all in the BAGS, my friend!

Think for a moment what things in BAGS mean to you vs what things in BOXES mean to you.

For most people bags full of stuff = TRASH.

Boxes = storage or gifts (or Amazon deliveries ha!)

So, when deciding the whole bags vs boxes decluttering strategy – use BAGS.

Bags mean: GET RID OF IT

while boxes mean: KEEP IT

Decluttering is all about getting RID of stuff to simplify your life.

Don’t let your brain sabotage your decluttering efforts because your brain doesn’t feel comfortable getting rid of those things you pack up.

Put it all in BAGS… trash bags are your best bet.

Trash bags = TRASH.

Your brain is already trained to throw bags of trash away.

Try it.

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