Cupcakes In a Jar?!?! Oh YES!!!

Must. Make. THESE!

These cupcakes are baked in a mason jar! Isn’t that AWESOME-SAUCE! What freakin’ fantastic gift idea. Mason Jar – Cupcake Recipe – put a lid and a bow on it and there’s your gift.


But please, you had me at : CAKE. IN. JAR!
cake in a jar - mason jars cupcakes
What’s really handy-dandy for a lazy and forgetful person like me, is that some of the mason jar cupcake recipes I found here can be kept in the freezer.

Know what that means for ME? That I can go make a bunch of these, put them in the freezer, and then when I realize I forgot to get someone something for Christmas or as a Thank You gift (again)…

I can pull one of these yummy pieces of art out of the freezer and TA-DA!

I’m the best person EVER!

Such a thoughtful, homemade gift! Ain’t I great?!?!

Here are links to the cupcake in a jar recipes and instructions I’ve found:

More Mason Jar Cupcakes Recipes

==>> Get all the recipes in the video here

Other Mason Jar Recipes And Ideas

Turns out, you can make LOTS of food in mason jars… who knew?

Sure, I knew mason jars were for canning food… but actually recipes and food gift ideas?

Gift Idea: Cupcakes in a Jar! Bake cupcakes in mason jars how to instructions and ideas
cake in a jar - mason jars cupcakes

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