Church Foyer Ideas-Small Church Entryway Decorating Ideas

Church Foyer Decor & Design Ideas For a Welcoming and Cozy Small Church Entryway

– Looking for decorating ideas for the foyer, lobby or entryway in your small church? Take a look below at the pictures and ideas I’ve collected for MY small church entrance foyer.

Church Foyer Ideas - Church Foyer Ideas - Small church? Take a look these small church foyer design ideas and entryway church foyer decor pictures

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Small Church Foyer Ideas

My small church is collecting ideas for redecorating our foyer entryway area. We want to change the design and decor to make the entrance area more welcoming, warm and cozy.

We pride ourselves on making everyone and anyone feel welcome and at home in our church and we want our small foyer lobby to reflect that.

While searching around for foyer decor ideas for my home, I came across some great decorating ideas for our church foyer that are exactly what we’re looking for.

If YOU have been searching for design, decorating, furniture ideas etc for the foyer at YOUR small church, take a look at these beautiful ideas I’ve found.

Needless to say, our church foyer makeover budget is quite limited so I kept cost in mind when choosing these ideas and pictures of the church foyers you’ll see below.

Design Ideas

If I had to pick one overall aesthetic for our small church foyer, it would be this design and decorating idea in the picture above.

To me, it’s a great combination of that rustic farmhouse warmth with a touch of modern design.

I think it would be beautiful to walk through our front doors and be greeted with this whole decorating concept.

It’s a clean and neat design idea yet it still feels so cozy and welcoming.

Foyer Welcome Area

I really like this idea for a welcome area / help info desk type of setup in our church foyer.

Since we’re a small SOUTHERN church, the rustic look works (I do like modern church foyer design, but not sure it would work for OUR small church).

Foyer Wall Idea

Now the church in the picture above is MUCH bigger than mine (our church crowd isn’t nearly that big), but I really love the decorating idea for the foyer wall.

In fact, I think that well decorating idea would look beautiful on the entryway wall of the next idea.

Lobby Coffee Bar

I really like this idea of having a small coffee bar set up in our church foyer.

I’m not nuts about the cabinet that is in the picture above, but I like the overall concept.

Plus, nothing says “Welcome!” more than the smell of fresh coffee!

I think the wall decor idea from above would tie it all together perfectly.

Foyer Seating Area

This small church has a pretty little sitting area in their foyer, and I like the overall design of it.

Not 100% all about the design choices, but I like the idea of a small “conversation area” in our church lobby.

Lobby Decor Idea

There is something about this church lobby wall decor idea that I just love – such a simple decorating idea, but just so perfect (in my opinion).

The pallet wood style wall is gorgeous, but that cross – LOVE IT.

That is an idea for our church foyer that we can totally do on a budget.

note: I’ll be updating this page with more ideas as I find them.

Turns out, really good church foyer ideas are tough to find.

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