Easter Potluck Ideas For Church Work or ANY Easter Party
- having an Easter potluck at work, church or home? these Easter potluck ideas will be perfect for ANY crowd...

Easter Brunch Potluck Ideas For Church – From Easter potluck desserts, ham recipes and sides to finger foods, casserole side dishes, fun and refreshing Easter recipes, make ahead crock pot recipes, NO BAKE church desserts and party trays to throw together last minute, you’re sure to find the perfect Easter-themed brunch food idea to take to your church service potluck this year.

Easter Potluck Ideas For Church - having an Easter Brunch or Covered Dish Luncheon Buffet at your Church Service This Year? Here's some easy church potluck ideas for your Easter service crowd

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Easter Potluck Ideas for Church

The Easter potluck at my church is my most FAVORITE covered dish event we have each year.

The food is AMAZING and it’s all presented so beautifully.

We have members and church service attendees bring casseroles and these no bake desserts and table centerpieces and SO much delicious food.

We also do a little fundraiser with Easter raffle baskets which is always very popular.

Below are my favorite Easter potluck ideas, recipes, side dishes, cold appetizers and finger foods, party trays, sweet treats, classic desserts and SO much more.

Hopefully one or two of my Easter potluck ideas below will help you figure out what to make, take or buy for your Church potluck supper or meal this Easter.

Easter Brunch Potluck Ideas For Church

Easter Buffet Table Ideas

Whether it’s a covered dish luncheon or a potluck-style brunch at church on Easter, I think the buffet table / food serving area needs some decorations and Easter-themed table ideas to tie it all together.

Here are two cute and easy ideas to dress up the over-all presentation of your brunch potluck at your church this year.

Easter potluck centerpiece ideas to dress up your brunch buffet potluck at church, work or home Ester gathering
Easter service potluck ideas for church - cute cheese ball shaped like a carrot with crackers

The potluck table centerpieces were made with a cheap glass vase filled with jelly beans on the bottom and then marshmallow peeps bunnies with some inexpensive fresh flowers.

The cheese and cracker plates were put on each eating table – super cute that the cheese ball is shaped like a carrot, right?!?!

How To Make A Carrot-Shaped Cheese Ball

The carrot shaped cheese ball is SUPER easy to make!

All you need is:

2 softened packages of Cream Cheese (the 8 ounce size)

3-4 pieces of crumbled cooked bacon (or just use pre-made bacon bits)

1 bag of shredded cheese (8 ounce bag – I use finely shredded)

Some parsley

Then, mix the cream cheese, bacon crumbles and half the bag of cheese together.

After mixing, put the mixture in the fridge for at least 30 minutes (a but longer is better – you want it to get hard again so it’s easier to shape).

Then, put a piece of wax paper or parchment paper on your counter, dump out your cheese ball mixture and shape it into a carrot.

Once you’re good with the shaped, pat the rest of the shredded cheese all over the top and stick the parsley in the top.


Ideas For a Crowd

If you’re cooking for a crowd at your church potluck this Easter, here are some large group breakfast ideas AND brunch cakes that will be definite crowd-pleasers!

Cold Potluck Food Ideas

If you’re in charge of bringing some type of breakfast appetizer or finger food to your church potluck, here are some cold and NO COOK appetizer ideas that are not only super easy to make, they’re all my personal favorites:

Easter Potluck Ham

Out of ALL these Easter brunch potluck ideas on this page, there are TWO things that MUST be at every church potluck:

Lines of Crock Pots



And NO ONE makes a better ham in her slow cooker than the Pioneer Woman!

Get her recipe for crockpot ham OR oven-baked Easter ham:

Crock Pot Brunch Ideas

It’s not a traditional Easter potluck at church if there aren’t lines and lines of crock pots!

And it makes perfect sense!

Not only can you cook ANYTHING in your crockpot, but crock pot slow cooker potluck food travels well, too!

Plus, if you’re having ham at your Easter potluck, you HAVE to have macaroni and cheese!

Here are some Easter brunch crockpot slow cooker recipes to try:

Healthy Potluck Platters

Below are two Easter platters I’ve made that are healthy food options to have at your potluck buffet area (ok, healthy-ish haha!)

Easter Potluck Party Platter Snack Tray Shaped like an Easter Bunny - veggies, cheese and dip inside a bread bowl made for my Easter potluck at church
This fruit platter tray shaped like a crowss has a cookie dough crust shaped like a cross with fresh fruit slices on top - crowd pleaser at my Easter brunch potluck at church

The Easter bunny fruit and vegetable tray was really easy to make (that’s veggie dip in the bread bowl but you can put any type of dip you like).

The cross-shaped fruit platter has a refrigerated cookie dough crust on the bottom that I shaped like a cross, with some store bought fruit dip as the “icing” and slices of fresh fruit on top.

Easter Potluck Desserts

Since it’s breakfast plus lunch (which equals BRUNCH), it’s totally ok to bring something sweet.

Here are some desserts and sweet treats I’ve made for my Easter crowd at church – and everyone loved them!

Easter Potluck Ideas For Church - this Easter potluck cake is SO easy to make and is prefect for an Easter potluck crowd
Easter potluck snack tray for a crowd at church or work

These NO BAKE desserts are my favorite – I make them for ALL the holidays (the lemon desserts are to-die-for!)

The Easter themed potluck cake was SO easy to make.

It’s just a store-bought cake mix with white icing then I decorated it with Easter colored M&Ms and put marshmallow peep bunnies around the sides.

The kids at our church service LOVED it!

Here at some more ADORABLE Easter potluck desserts for church…

Easter potluck desserts for church, family bring a dish or a potluck at work

Are those desserts not THE cutest? That lamb cake with the marshmallows and all the peeps and bunnies – adorable.

I also really liked the cake with the jelley bean cross on it – very creative.

I didn’t really find any true RECIPES for those cakes above – I found them on TwinsDish – but to me, they’re pretty self-explanatory.

The Easter sweets snack tray someone brought was a real crowd-pleaser too!

For The Kids

We also had some members bring some SUPER cute Easter brunch food just for the kids:

Easter brunch food ideas for kids - what we brought to our Easter potluck at church

Super cute, right?

The Bunny Eggs recipe is here.

And the bunny cinnamon rolls is from Betty Crocker here.

Traditional Easter Desserts

If you’re looking to make something more old-fashioned or “traditional”…

In my opinion, these are classic Easter desserts that deserve a comeback – they’re all the potluck desserts from the 50’s and 60’s our grandmothers used to bring to a church potluck.

If you’re like me, you can TASTE them by just looking at the pictures of these retro desserts – brings back SUCH great memories of Easter at church each year.

No Bake Easter Desserts

Love refreshing spring recipes? These easy potluck desserts are NO BAKE and perfect for your Eater party at work, church or family gathering

(1) The layered Easter potluck pie is a NO BAKE dessert that is not only very pretty, but it is delicious.

It’s so aesthetic to me – almost too pretty to eat!


Print the recipe here

(2) The No Bake Easter potluck “dirt cake” is a BIG favorite of the kids at church every year.

And *I* am a big fan too because it’s a NO BAKE potluck dessert – I can even whip it together last minute if I need to.

Print the recipe

Easter-Themed Sweet Treats

Below are some more really cute and creative Eater-themed sweet treats you can make and take to an Easter potluck (or just make them for your family luncheon at home).

Easter party food dessert ideas - Easter-themed sweet treats for a potuck at work or church

All of those Easter desserts above were found on Juelz John – you can check there for links to the recipes.

Church Potluck Casseroles

When it comes to Easter church food, you KNOW the casserole dishes are coming out in full force!

Here are some easy potluck casseroles that are great side dish ideas for your church luncheon or covered dish gathering this year.

Easy potluck casserole side dishes that with ham or Turkey for Easter (perfect for Christmas or Thanksgiving too)

(1) That potluck casserole above is always a crowd favorite at our Easter potluck – it’s SUPER easy to make…plus it goes really well with ham – and turkey!

Print the recipe

(2) The pineapple potluck casserole goes REALLY well with ham and it’s super good!

Print the recipe here

Easter Finger Foods

potluck finger food ideas for your easter party

(1) Wondering what to BRING to an Easter potluck? These no bake appetizers are perfect to bring as well as the ideas on this page, but these loaded potato puffs in the picture are SO good and they are the perfect individual bite size finger food to take to church for your Easter potluck party.

Print the recipe

(2) The Easter potluck deviled eggs are stinkin’ ADORABLE, don’t you agree?

I’m not sure I am patient enough to make them (and I certainly would NOT attempt to make them last-minute), but they sure are impressive!

Print the recipe here

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