Quick and Easy Desserts With Few Ingredients To Make For a Party or Potluck

Quick and Easy Desserts For a Crowd Recipes… – my all-time favorite super quick MUST MAKE dessert dishes with few ingredients.

Whether you need an easy no bake dessert to make in 10 minutes or a simple and amazing dessert for a potluck or party, you WILL find the perfect delicious and SIMPLE dessert recipe with minimal ingredients here from my personal favorites.

Must Make Desserts With Few ingredients

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Easy Desserts With Few Ingredients

When it comes to easy desserts to make with few ingredients, these are my go-to recipes for any party, potluck, Holiday or just because I want to make something sweet and EASY at home for the family.

For example, these SUPER SIMPLE lemon bars.

3 ingredient lemon bars dessert recipe

Only 3 ingredients and they’re ready in a snap!

Perfect to make ahead for your next party or potluck at work.

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3-Ingredient Desserts

When it comes to quick and EASY desserts, nothing is easier than 3-ingredient Dump Cakes.

Totally recommended – especially if you need a FAST last minute dessert idea for a crowd or for company.

Easy super quick desserts with few ingredients

Having a party or potluck?

These are some easy desserts for a crowd…

potluck desserts - easy desserts for a crowd

Want something really sweet and FAST to make?

3-ingredient fudge is THE answer (and it’s perfect to take to a Holiday party too!)

easy 3 ingredient fudge

How about COOKIES – these are quick and easy cookie recipes with only 3 ingredients (and you do NOT have to bake them!)

3 ingredient no bake cookies

No Bake Desserts

Speaking of NO BAKE desserts, these are my FAVORITE super quick and easy no bake desserts for a crowd or party…

super quick No Bake Desserts

Love chocolate?

Oh me too!

These are my favorite no bake recipes I make ALL the time…

No Bake Chocolate Desserts easy recipes for a super quick no bake dessert for a crowd, party or potluck

My mom loves ANY dessert that has lemon as one of the few ingredients… these are her favorites that I make…

No Bake Lemon Desserts

MY favorite fruit for desserts?

Blueberry Desserts!

Holiday Desserts

For St Patrick’s Day my favorite easy dessert with few ingredients are these unique St Patrick’s Day cookies – I take them to work every year!

Quick and easy desserts for St Patrick's Day

We do a brunch every Easter for our LARGE church crowd, these are the desserts I make…

Easter Potluck Ideas

On my Mother’s Day dessert table I always have one of these quick and easy no bake desserts…

lemon desserts- quick and easy dessert recipes

For a quick and easy dessert for July 4th, I like to make “sweet treat platters” like these…

4th of July Potluck Ideas

These are the 4th of July desserts I’m making (and yes, there are NO BAKE dessert recipes too!)

easy potluck desserts for a party crowd

Need some quick and easy desserts for Thanksgiving?

Here’s my favorite ideas to make…

Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas

Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes Are Here

My favorite quick and easy dessert for the Holidays is this 3-ingredient Christmas fudge…

You have to try it… it is SO good…and it sure looks festive, right??

Christmas Desserts

Here’s more quick and easy desserts for Christmas…

creative christmas desserts - easy Christmas desserts with few ingredients

Healthy Options

If you want to make something sweet that’s quick, easy AND remotely healthy, these healthy chocolate chip cookies are my personal favorite (and no one ever noticed they’re healthy lol!)

21 day fix desserts - healthy chocolate chip cookies make the perfect snack

Need some healthy desserts for the kids?

These are my kid’s favorite desserts – but don’t you DARE tell them they’re eating something healthy!

healthy snacks for kids

Quick Desserts For One

Not cooking for a crowd, but instead need a quick dessert for ONE you can make super fast?

Try these super simple recipes:

Quick desserts to make for ONE - mug cakes, chocolate sweet treats and easy recipes with healthy desserts too

More Ideas

Here’s another idea for something sweet… and trust me, these unique waffles are NOT just for breakfast.

Make the quick and easy recipe and top with ice cream for a super simple dessert idea that is truly unique!

cinnamon toast waffles - quick and easy desserts with few ingredients - just top with ice cream!

Other Party Food Ideas…

easy cold appetizers

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